Simple Layered Flower (nail polish)

Simple Layered Flower Design..

First you will need your nailpolish..( 2 or more colors)
and a Stylus (shown in photo) or toothpicks would work out ok as well.

(stylus is by Fiskars and was purchased in the scrapbooking section)
Nail polish: Sally Hansen hard as nails-French Vanilla, Kiss Paint-White, Kiss Paint-Soft Blue,
 and Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure-I Pink I Can.

Paint your nails whatever color you like..
I chose Sally Hansen-French Vanilla..

Then you place a drop of whichever color you want to use first on
a piece of paper or whatever you have handy..
(just be sure the polish won't soak through whatever you use onto your surface!
I use the glass lid off a jar candle... works great!!)

Use your Stylus (or toothpick) and dip it in the drop and place it onto your nail
in 3 spots..

Then after that dries a bit, do the same thing with another color.. just make them a
little bit smaller..  after that has dried some.. add your center dot.

Add a topcoat and there ya go..
An Easy to do, simple layered flower.

I took it a step farther and grabbed my black.. and painted on a stem/leaves..

Here is how it looks in black, gray, white:

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