I thought I would share just a little on how I organize my 'coupons'.. and coupon.

Why do I use coupons?
Basically, I enjoy saving money for my family when I can...
on the things we would be buying anyway.
(Things we need and use.. I enjoy a good deal.. but, I don't get a good deal for the sake of getting a good deal)

When I started using coupons.. I actually use to carry a big binder with all my coupons extremely organized.. into many specific categories. However, after a few months.. I realized it took way too much of my time! Live & Learn!
So I stopped that.. :0)

You have to find what works for you.
I just found it was taking too much of my time to keep it organized and up to date.. so I found another way.

I use a small organizer that my mom actually gave me.. I think it was intended for photo's.. but it works great for me.

I use general categories.. such as: Dairy, Household, Snacks, Frozen.. etc.

It has a closure and fits great in my handbag..
so if I see something that I may have a coupon for.. I have them available to look through and only
takes a minute to check.

I like to have it on hand for those 'just in case' deals.. :0)

I actually plan my shopping trips in advance with the Store sale ads, and
I use my planner for this. (which also is small enough to fit in my handbag)

I check out the sales, figure out a menu for the week, see what coupons I have available or what 'deals' are mentioned on the couponing websites that I check out, and then I get my list and coupons together based on all of the above. :0)

My list goes in the back of my planner, and the coupons go right beside my list in a little transparent folder.

(There are a lot of good couponing sites online that will show you the best deals, and for the stores you shop at)

That is basically how I coupon.
That is what works for me, and while it does take some time to match up deals with coupons and so on..
It makes it all worth it when I see that total dropping lower and lower at the end of a transaction.
Yep, gotta love that.. :0)

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