re purposing a jar, before and after

One of my favorite storage and organization containers are jars..
All sizes and shapes.. especially Mason jars.

I like to keep the large jars from food items and reuse them, but I don't particularly
want the food labels on the jars..

so I thought I would share a Jar project that I re purposed from start to finish..

Here we go..

So I saved a large jar.. and I let it soak in soapy water while I grabbed my camera.. :0)
Here is the tool I use to remove those stubborn labels..

A steel wool soap pad scrubber thingy..  :0)  they can be found by cleaning supplies, sponges, etc..

First I peel off as much of the label as I can by hand..

Then I used water to get what is left soaked, and I get my tool of choice.. and scrub away.
A little elbow grease and waaaahlaaaa!

Then I dried it thoroughly, and painted the lid with a fun color.

I used this particular jar for Soap storage in the linen closet, and the one below
for cotton balls.

(*Chalkboard labels are available in my Etsy shop.)

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