Simple Table Decor from around the house..

Since Easter is over, it was time to change up my table décor.. and put away the
Easter grass.

I usually go fairly simple with my Table decorations because we do not have a formal
dining room.. so therefore we have one table, which we use daily. :0)  So simple is best.

So I started by layering 2 of my favorite table runners..
Then I decided to add some burlap..
Then I got my chosen centerpiece..  which is a red hurricane candle holder on a
brushed bronze stand.. which I added a small vine wreath around it near the base
for an added touch.   I also added a bow, and a paper bird that I cut out
with my Cricut machine.  :0)   How is that for a touch of whimsy? ha.
I wanted to add in a couple small wooden birdhouse accents, but I knew they would
topple over the minute the table was bumped.. so I got a couple of my jar candle lids
to use as a base for each of them.. and my hot glue gun. :0)
I placed a tiny drop of hot glue on the bottom of each birdhouse, and placed them in the
center of each lid.   (So they will be easy to remove when I decide to change it up again)
I have found several uses for these Jar Candle Lids.. you can check them out
and here:
I also added a twine bow to each base, just because I thought it needed a little something else.
Then I placed one on each side of my centerpiece.
Simple table décor using things from around the house..
Have a great day!

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