Weekend & Wood Blocks..

I hope you had a wonderful weekend..

Like always, it went by quickly. :0)
We had a wonderful Saturday.. we spent the day visiting some new Flea Markets that
we had never been to before.. we saw several things we liked, but the only thing that came home with

A Heavy, and I mean HEAVY iron candle holder.. It is probably hard to tell
in the photo but it is rather big. (and did I mention, HEAVY?) 
My daughter found a mirror that she really liked so we bought that for her as well..
and that was it.. just those 2 things. 
I think I must be getting rather picky about what I will spend money on and bring into our home..
 I picked up several things that I really liked and looked em over, but I set them all back down..  we don't have a huge house so space is limited, and I have found that I would rather have some bigger things than several small things..  just seems easier to manage and take care of. :0)
I also worked on my wood blocks..
My husband cut me a whole stack up since I was getting low on blocks that were ready to decorate..
So I sanded and painted them up and have a new stack ready to go.. 
Here are a few examples of what I use them for:


 Wood blocks are available in my Etsy Shop and can be personalized
to your taste.
I like having things prepared as much as possible.. so I always try to keep
extra blocks ready to go.
We also spent some time with our horses, and had company over on Sunday afternoon and cooked out..
It was a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love the candle holder you bought! It is gorgeous...:) Sounds like you had a fun and productive weekend. Hope your week is blessed!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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