Friday Favorites.. (6/28/13)

It is time for Friday Favorite's yet again..

It has been a long week.
There have been some ups, and a down or two.. but overall it was a wonderful & blessed week.
I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.

Here are a few of my favorites from the week..

#1).  We got our DIY Fire Pit done and have really been enjoying it.
#2).  My DIY TALL Solar Lighting that I placed around our new fire pit.. they worked perfectly!
        Love projects that turn out better than I had hoped they would.. :0)
#3).  My daughter had a campout/sleepover and they enjoyed swimming and drying off afterward by the fire.
#4).  We got our new dining room set of furniture all arranged how we wanted.
        (more about that coming soon)
#5).  Loving Lemon Layer Dessert, I made it again without adding the cup of sugar this time..
        it was just as good. :0)

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DIY Tall Solar Lighting for your patio or deck

I decided I wanted some taller solar lights for around our Fire Pit patio..

So I came up with the idea of raising a solar light.. so when I was in the store I picked up some
inexpensive solar lights (.97 cents each) and went to the craft department to check out the dowel rods.
I took out the stake from the bottom of the light, and tried different sized dowel rods in the end of the solar light, to see which fit the best.  Half inch size was perfect.
(also .97 cents each)

So I bought them, took them home, and placed the dowel rods where I wanted them.
I Spray painted the dowel rods black,  then simply placed the Solar light on the top of the dowel rod.

for less than $2.00 each, I have some unique and fun decorative accents that also light up to enhance our new outdoor space.  I ended up making four of them and placing them at the furthest corners to kind of frame the seating area. 

So Happy with how they turned out.

and a quick before to the after pic..

Thanks for stopping by.

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Sprucing up the Yard #5.. DIY Fire Pit

June has been a month full of outdoor projects..  which I am sure will continue along
throughout the summer.

We have been wanting to get a fire pit for some time, and we finally got around to it in the last
couple of weeks.. and we basically spent zero dollars to do it.
Yep, zero.

Here is the before spot that we picked out for it.

We previously had an above ground pool in this spot.. you can probably see the circle
where it use to be, so that became the perfect spot for it.

We started by getting some of our landscaping edger rocks that we had that were not being used..
 a little measuring, and then the work began.

I took a shovel and cleared off the top layer of the inside of our designated area.. so it basically left dirt for the most part.  Then we found the center and dug our hole for the "Pit" to go.

What did we use for the actual Fire Pit?

Can you tell that it is the center of on old washing machine. :0)

We buried it about halfway, and placed decorative sandstone rocks around it,
and then proceeded to add lots of tiny gravel to our new fire pit patio. Lots n Lots!
After many, many, many trips with a wheelbarrow hauling tiny rock... we had it the way we wanted.

We added a few decorative pieces and our Garden Bench.. and waaahlaaa...

We love how it turned out.. and of course it is a bonus that it cost us nothing but
some sore muscles.. :0)

We spent the evening enjoying our new fire pit, and have even used it to cook hot dogs during a
camp out/sleepover that my daughter had recently.
We are so glad we finally decided to get to work on this project, we know it will get a lot of use.

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TDC Before and After

Sprucing up the Yard.. #4 Simply using spray paint

This was just an easy update to some accent pieces I already had..

Here is the before photo of our large flower pot near the back deck.
I decided the spinner and the plant picks needed a pop of color. :0)

Can you see the little wire butterfly plant picks?

Here is a close up..

Now for the after Spray Paint photo's..


What a difference a little spray paint can make in just a few minutes.

Sprucing up the Yard #3 - Country Style Horseshoe Art display

If you follow along on my blog then you have probably noticed that I have been working
a lot in the great outdoors this month..

Lots of projects here and there..

We don't have a tiny yard.. we have a massive yard. (front and back) Which means a lot of mowing, a lot of weed eating, a whole lot of maintenance.   We work very hard to keep it nice and neat, and
we do get a lot of compliments on it..  Which is certainly always nice to hear, but really we enjoy it for the most part.  We love the outdoors and have just always been kind of particular about our yard I guess.

Anyway,  when I look out my kitchen window I can see the horses, and the pole barn, our garden, and our little outbuilding/studio..  and it was looking a little blah at the little outbuilding.

So I decided to see what I could do to 'add' to it.. and decided to go Country style.

So I got some spray paint.. (of course!) :0)

I guess I am getting ahead of myself.. I had better show the Blah before picture.
First, I decided to spray paint the flower pots.. one red, one navy, one gray.
I also spray painted a pair of ceramic boots that had become faded from the
outdoor elements.
After placing them onto the old steps.. as well as some other
things I got from different places around the yard..
I decided it needed some sort of  art or design on the building itself.
Horseshoes it is..!
Instead of using real ones, I chose to go with large Plastic ones.
Which were actually from a Horseshoe set that is just not used anymore.

I spray painted 2 of them navy blue, and 2 gray.

I hung the blue ones on the building..

The 2 gray ones were placed onto the steps among the rocks, old coal bucket,
newly painted flower pots, and ceramic critters and boots.
Then I got out my rope and staple gun.
and made a random design using the rope, and also added some wooden stars that I had.
I had everything that I used except the spray paint that I picked up for this project..
so it was a rather inexpensive mini makeover... and we really  like how it turned out.
Another outdoor project tomorrow..  :0)

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Friday Favorites (6/21/13)

It has been a busy week around here.  Lots of projects, lots of housework, lots of
errands, lots of working outdoors.. and on & on.. :0)

However, here are my top 5 favorites of the week..

#1). A Makeover - Garden Bench style..  what a difference a little paint can make.  You can see
        the before and after HERE.

#2).  My painted & distressed Mason Jars.  Love the antiqued shabby look they have.

#3). Yum... Chips n Chicken Casserole.

#4). Coffee.. and more coffee.. and even more coffee.

#5).  Drivers Ed is officially over, and my daughter is ready to go shopping for a keychain. :0)

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DIY using Mason Jars as Candle Base or Vase using spray paint

Spray paint..  that is a must have item these days in my stash of craft supplies.
You can quickly give something a completely different look and it is rather inexpensive.

Another must have item.. Mason Jars in all sizes.

So why not mix the 2..
I decided I wanted to use some of my Mason Jars as a candle base, but wanted them to
look distressed or shabby.. and give a little color.

So I got some spray paint, in different shades. (the one above is a very pale pink, I also chose white, and gray)

I picked out a few jars, gave them each a quick coat of spray paint. (which dried fast)

Then I gently rubbed the paint with a paper towel, or old rag works great too.. 
(Note: The dry paper towel took off quite a bit of paint, so I tried it dampened and I liked that better, didn't take off quite so much.)

Then I added my glass base that I re purposed from a Candle Jar, you can see how I did that
HERE..  and topped it off with a votive candle.


I also used one as a vase.

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Sprucing up the yard.. #2 ( Garden Bench )

I have been working on some different outdoor projects and "Sprucing up the Yard" as I have been
calling it..

I decided to break out the paint.
Project in mind.. The Garden Bench, and it was long overdue.

Nothing says come sit a while, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors like that wonderful
welcoming bench that looks like it saw it's better day, many years ago... right?   not so much.  :o)

So I used navy blue spray paint to spray the iron work.. and white to paint the wood,
but that didn't work for me, so I dry brushed white onto the blue for a more distressed look..

It really brings out the detail..


I also gave the front door a new coat of white paint..

It looks much more crisp and clean with my updated wreath..

 You can see my Wreath Makeover HERE.

So have you been working on any outdoor projects lately?

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Friday Favorites... (6/14/2013)

Time to share some of my favorite things from the week..
#1). It is Friday - Wa Hoo!
#2). Decorating projects that literally take a couple minutes.. like my Curly Ribbon accent. (if you can call it a project.. :0)
#3). Giving my Wreath a quick and easy new look!
#4). I shared a little on how we prepare for severe weather with a Grab n Go bag.
#5).  More flowers starting to bloom! 
Have a great weekend!
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