Sprucing up the Yard #3 - Country Style Horseshoe Art display

If you follow along on my blog then you have probably noticed that I have been working
a lot in the great outdoors this month..

Lots of projects here and there..

We don't have a tiny yard.. we have a massive yard. (front and back) Which means a lot of mowing, a lot of weed eating, a whole lot of maintenance.   We work very hard to keep it nice and neat, and
we do get a lot of compliments on it..  Which is certainly always nice to hear, but really we enjoy it for the most part.  We love the outdoors and have just always been kind of particular about our yard I guess.

Anyway,  when I look out my kitchen window I can see the horses, and the pole barn, our garden, and our little outbuilding/studio..  and it was looking a little blah at the little outbuilding.

So I decided to see what I could do to 'add' to it.. and decided to go Country style.

So I got some spray paint.. (of course!) :0)

I guess I am getting ahead of myself.. I had better show the Blah before picture.
First, I decided to spray paint the flower pots.. one red, one navy, one gray.
I also spray painted a pair of ceramic boots that had become faded from the
outdoor elements.
After placing them onto the old steps.. as well as some other
things I got from different places around the yard..
I decided it needed some sort of  art or design on the building itself.
Horseshoes it is..!
Instead of using real ones, I chose to go with large Plastic ones.
Which were actually from a Horseshoe set that is just not used anymore.

I spray painted 2 of them navy blue, and 2 gray.

I hung the blue ones on the building..

The 2 gray ones were placed onto the steps among the rocks, old coal bucket,
newly painted flower pots, and ceramic critters and boots.
Then I got out my rope and staple gun.
and made a random design using the rope, and also added some wooden stars that I had.
I had everything that I used except the spray paint that I picked up for this project..
so it was a rather inexpensive mini makeover... and we really  like how it turned out.
Another outdoor project tomorrow..  :0)

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