Weekend review..

We had a wonderful weekend...

spent some time with family members..
went fishing..
cooked out..
worked in the garden..
made a Peanut Butter Pie for my husband for Fathers Day..
(was really good with Ice cream)
and I got a early birthday present.. :o)

Early birthday present? Yep.. 
I mentioned several months ago that I was in search of a china hutch for extra storage for my kitchen.. 
Well,  I finally found it..  on Craigslist..  :0)

It was actually part of an entire dining set.. but I won't get into all that just yet.

However, I will let you have a peek of the china cabinet..

I really intended on finding a china cabinet that could use a makeover..
I was imagining a distressed painted finish, possibly a pop of color or white..
or a darker paint layered with white and then distressed to let the color show through..
I had all kinds of idea's.

However,  when I saw this one I knew it was staying original.. this one is beautiful the way it is. 
I will share more about it, and how I found it in a later post.

Have a great day!

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