Updating the mirrors a third time..

Do you have one decorating style? or a mixture of several..

I really don't have any one style that I go by..  I just go by what I like.
Which seems to a large mix of styles: farmhouse, country, shabby chic, traditional.. and so on.. :0)

However, I have been really liking the distressed and antiqued look of things even more lately..
Such as my End Tables I recently redone.

and my painted and  Distressed Mason Jars.

Among several other projects.

Well, I decided to update my mirrors with a shabby kind of look..
Yep, updating them yet again. :o)
Here is Where they started.

Next came this..
Then this..
and eventually this..

and now..
for the third time around..

I took the mirrors down, and using a small amount of white paint, with a teeny tiny bit of turquoise mixed into the white every once in a while to give it a little hint of blue,  I lightly brushed it on.. with a sponge brush.

Then I decided to use an ink pad to darken the edge a little more.


Another new look for the mirrors that I found in storage.

I am still deciding if I like them as is, or if I need to do something else to them..
so they will possibly get another update.. ok, most likely they will..  time will tell.  :o)

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