Update on my To Do List..

Here was my sad attempt  to start a "To Do List" at the beginning of 2013..
  • Read more
  • Clean out refrigerator 
  • Clean out freezer
  • More freezer cooking - stock up freezer
  • Reorganize bathroom closets/drawers
  • De clutter / Reorganize kitchen cabinets & drawers
Uh, yeah.. that is all I actually had written down before I set it aside not to be thought of again..
Kind of pathetic.. ha, ha! :0)

However, I realized actually accomplished most of it..  and a million other tasks on top
of it.

 It is actually kind of nice to look at a list that I started..
(but never finished working on)
and see that I did do a good job of it.. even if I had forgotten all about it. :0)

Ok, so what I have actually accomplished on that meager list..
Read more?  Well, I started the year out strong with this one, but have not been doing too great at this one lately with graduations, and college, and my son moving out to go to college.. it has been a busy time!
Clean out refrigerator.. Yep, more than once.
Clean out freezer.. Yep.. that one is done too, and I moved it to the garage.
Freezer cooking.. Yep, I have done that - but need to work on it again.
Reorganize bathroom closets/drawers.. Yep, I got that one done.
However, the drawers could use some work again.. :0)

De clutter / Reorganize kitchen cabinets & drawers..  Yep, got that done too.. although this one
 seems to be a reoccurring task that needs to be done yet again.

I do tend to like lists.. I keep a notebook near my computer to jot down notes of things I don't want to forget to buy, or idea's, etc..

However, my attempt at a written to do list at the beginning of the year and then not finishing it,
just makes me laugh..

I admit whether I have anything written down or not - My mental "To Do" list just keeps going & going..  :0)  
There is always lots to do, the key is to enjoy it.. (the best that I can)

How about you? Do you keep a mental or written "To Do" list.. or both? :0)


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