Weekend review.. Freezer Cooking

Over the weekend I decided to keep 'staying busy'..
it has been an entire week since my son moved out getting
ready for college to start up.. we are adjusting, but it is going to take some
time to get use to it.

So this weekend I decided it was time to do some freezer cooking.

I also decided it was time to defrost our small deep freeze, and bring it back inside the house.
I had such high hopes for it not being in the house anymore... but basically our refrigerator freezer just couldn't hold anything else at this point.  :o)

(It couldn't hold anything else because no one wants to go all the way to the garage to put items away... including myself... the garage is across the yard in our lazy defense.. :0) - oh well.. I had good intentions when I put it in the garage.. ha, ha!)

On to the freezer cooking...
Freezer cooking to me is just making several meals at once and freezing some or all of them, so they are ready to go when we have a busy day, or I just don't really want to cook. 

So what did I do for stocking up the freezer? (besides make a big mess of my kitchen that
I had to clean about a dozen times)

I cooked several chicken tenders, and when they were cool enough I shredded them up.
I made 2 Homemade chicken pot pie's.. One for now, one to freeze. 
Then I put some shredded chicken in a freezer bag for a later use.
I also put some of the chicken and some of the broth from the chicken in a freezer container, which I plan to use for chicken noodles in the future.
Since I made the pie crust for my chicken pot pie's and divided it into 3.. I also have an extra pie crust in the freezer ready to go.

Oh, and I almost forgot, we also had quesadilla's for one meal over the weekend with some of the chicken.
Wahoo for chicken quesadilla's.. :0)

Next up..
I also cooked some ground beef,  then divided it up, placing about half in a freezer bag for taco's or whatever later on.. and then I made a big pot of chili with the rest of it, which got divided up into freezer bags.

However, I also wanted to use up a few things in the fridge while I was on this cooking spree of mine.
I had some green bell peppers that needed to be used, so I decided to stuff them with some chili, add some cheese, and to the oven they went. (yum)

Next thing to use up were some carrots that were leftover from my chicken pot pie's, so I decided to make a big pot of vegetable beef stew. (I had some shredded steak in the freezer saved for this very occasion) 
So when it was done and cooled a bit, I divided that up as well.

Because I couldn't stop there and just had to make some sort of sweet treats..
I also made Homemade cinnamon rolls.. divided them in half, froze a batch, and cooked the rest of course.. :0)  (so good with coffee in the morning)

Also got around to making homemade chocolate chip cookies that I divided up.


I am happy with what I was able to get done..  though I didn't get everything done.

I then cleaned up our kitchen, loaded up the dishwasher for the 4th or 5th time that day, and called it a night.

I had hoped to make an Angel food cake to put up as well, and I will probably make some homemade noodles to freeze.. those are next on my freezer cooking list.   Mostly because I need to use up some eggs and those are the 2 best ways that I know of.  :0)

So what are some of the 'Go To' items on your freezer cooking list?


  1. Wow Tina....you have been busy! I am so envious right now...I seriously need to do this to save myself some time when I get back to work. I always say I am going to, but never do. I am going to reread this and try to decide when I might be able to try it. Thanks for sharing....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. It definitely saves time.. and saves us from going out to grab something to eat on those 'busy' days..

      Another way I freezer cook is just by doubling a recipe of whatever I am cooking for supper, and then put the extra one into the freezer. That is a good way to add to the freezer without having to spend any extra time cooking since I was cooking it anyway. :0)

      Let me know how your freezer cooking goes.

      Have a great day!


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