Textured Ceilings, Textured Walls, Texture... and lots of it!

I like texture..
Yep, textured ceilings..  textured walls..
Yep, I do.

I realize that is completely against the norm.. but that's ok with us.

I actually get a lot of compliments on the texture in our home.. and yeah, I did kind of go all out when I painted last year.

I added texture to the walls.. just about in every room.
I know some of you, or possibly a lot of you are cringing right now at the thought of scraping walls
to redo them later on down the road.. but I like DIY projects,  and at this time, have no regrets for doing it, and no plans to change it anytime soon.. unless I change up a paint color, which can happen
on the spur of the moment, at any time! :o) 

(However, would I do it again? probably not)

There are certainly much easier ways, (and less permanent ways) to add texture without adding it to the walls or ceiling.
(and a lot less work I might add)

Something as simple as a fun throw pillow.. (or two, or three etc..)

or by simply adding different layers, different patterns, or of course different textures of fabrics or objects..

I decided to try a display 3 different ways to see which look I liked the best.

(has texture from the fabric, lantern pattern, flowers, slate top, etc.)

(Next, I added in a winding piece of burlap and a crochet doily)

(Lastly, I just placed the burlap ribbon as a runner and changed where I had placed the doily)

Which option do you think looks the best?

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