My Closet Makeover part 1 - decluttered, organized, and a new color!

I started a project on Tuesday afternoon...
One of those projects that change on you.

One of those... I will organize this but then and after you start said project..
it takes a turn and becomes a complete overhaul!

Yep, one of THOSE projects.

This particular project...

The closet..
Here is the before picture...

It is obvious to see the issues of this space.. the door had become a catch all for scarves, handbags, etc.  which made the rest of the space look a mess!  It actually was fairly organized, but
you couldn't see pass the mess on the door!  
So it was time to get it in order. (and get rid of some stuff!)

So I emptied the closet.

That is when it started....
 I got the idea I should paint it.. which I did.
 Well, that would be the most popular choice I suppose.. but,  no..

This may be a surprise, but I went with a shade of dark gray.. 
I knew there was the possibility that it might make it look like a dark cave in the closet..
but went with it anyway and wow... love it!
The clothes, accessories and everything else really pop!

The biggest factors in changing up this space:

- Paint :0)  What a difference paint makes.

- I changed the shelves.. I raised the one on left hand side by quite a bit, and added a second one to the back of the closet as well for more storage, so I could ultimately get rid of the plastic storage boxes which hold seasonal items.

- I went through everything that went back in the closet.. & several items went to the donate pile.

- I got rid of the storage boxes of seasonal clothing.. Added to the donate pile,
  and the rest went on the shelf. 

- I took out the almost empty dresser..  and because I raised the shelving, I was able to put a
dresser that is actually used under the clothes on the left side with  no problem.   

Now here is the result..


Behind the closet door, I used the space for scarves/belts/totes..  I have another idea for organizing this space to it's fullest potential.. but that will be part 2 of my Closet Makeover
when I get it done.

Can you see how the colors stand out against the dark gray?
Before they just all kind of blended in.. 

Yep, I am extremely happy with this project turned overhaul... :0)

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  1. I love the dark grey you chose. I am thinking of painting my living room walls light grey when we get to that stage of the remodel. Your closet looks great. I need to clean mine out again. I did a closet redo a couple years ago but it is cluttered up again since. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

    Blessings, Vicky


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