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I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas holiday...
I know I sure did.  It went by too quickly! :0)
We made some wonderful memories together and I took lots of pictures of course. :0)
I already have my many photo's ordered, and looking forward to getting them.
One of my goals for 2014 is get to work on my scrapbooking albums.. (and not let the photo's
sit on my computer/sd cards)   So I have much to do for that goal..  Like going through files/sd cards
to see what pictures I need to get ordered!!! ha..
More on Christmas and goals later...
Today,  I decided to share the top 5 most viewed posts on my blog in the month of December. 


Have a wonderful Monday!

Merry Christmas 2013

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Decor 2013... Home Tour

I decided today was a good day to share
a few photo's of our Christmas decorations with you..

 I'll let the pictures do the talking...


Have a great day...

Friday Favorites... (12/20/13)

5 days til Christmas!!!!

Are you ready?
I just have a couple things to do,
like grocery shopping and getting the rest of the food/menu figured out..
and getting as much done as possible ahead of time. :0)

I have the cookies/candy all done, and made homemade cinnamon rolls and put them
in the freezer, so they are ready to bake on Christmas morning.
So I am off to a pretty good start.

I am super excited!  LOVE Christmas time.

Today is a busy day..
so I had better get on with sharing the Friday Faves..  here we go..

- Christmas Vacation has officially began.. (Well, as of around noon that is) Yay!

- I shared my DIY Snowman Bulb Ornament this week, a simple project and so adorable.
  (see the details HERE)

- I also decided to make some place card settings this week...
  Actually a 2 in 1 Christmas place card setting that double as fridge magnets.
  (see details HERE)

- My lil dog's Christmas photo... :0) He is such a trooper.

-  Need a inexpensive decoration or craft project for the kids?
    I made a simple DIY Paper Cone Tree for Christmas that might work.
    (see the details HERE)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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A Simple Decorated Christmas Paper Tree...

I decided to share a simple Christmas DIY Paper Tree project today..
(this would make a simple kids craft project as well)

What's needed..
A piece of heavier weight paper or cardstock, mine is a 12x12 size and I chose green. :0)
Tape runner, double sided tape, or glue stick would probably work just fine.
Stuff to decorate your paper tree... I chose tinsel and miniature bows. 
(You could use ribbon, pom-poms, tiny ornaments or other objects etc..)

I started by rolling my piece of paper into a cone shape..

Then using my tape runner I secured it along the edge.

Cut off the excess.

Added a little more adhesive to secure the edge, and then trimmed the bottom so it would sit up.

Then decorated it with tinsel..

and miniature bows...

Kind of cute for starting with a piece of paper and a few decorations.. :0)

Would make a cute kids room tree if they don't have one, or make small ones to
use for place card settings.. just add a name. :0)

Simple DIY Christmas Bow Place Card Settings & Fridge Magnets - 2 in 1

I was inspired seeing others place card setting idea's that involved
something as simple as clothespins..
Place card settings is something I had never actually made before and
so I decided to make a set using some miniature Christmas bows...

Then my initial idea took a turn and I gave them 2 purposes.
Place Card Settings & Fridge Magnets. :0)

I got out my silver spray paint, some clothespins, tiny Christmas bows, hot glue gun,
and magnet roll..

Ya see where I am going with this? :o)

First I stuck the clothespins on a mason jar.. outdoors of course,
and spray painted them silver.

Then brought them back inside and hot glued the bows on using colors each person
would like...

Then I cut some magnet strips and hot glued that onto the back.

So simple..

I can use them on the fridge for now, and use them for place card settings for Christmas dinner.
How fun is that? :0)

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Christmas Party 2013

Busy day, Uh.. Busy week - Countdown is on...

I have a busy day.. or busy week I guess.. how about you?

Note to self - 8 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS! :o)

Thankfully I have most of the things checked off my "To Do" List.
I still have to figure out the food, but I have the candy/cookies all ready made
and ready to go!
I want to get it all figured out and get as much done this week as possible,
so I can just enjoy next week with the family.
I am so looking forward to it and to my son coming to visit!
That is a Christmas present in itself.
I Love Christmas time!

On another note..
I managed to get my dog's Christmas photo with my Iphone this morning for fun... HA!
(can you tell he is completely impressed? ha...)

He was glad when I took that hat off.. :0)
Just in case you are wondering, he is a schnoodle.
 (half miniature schnauzer/half miniature poodle)

and Now I have to get back to work...
I am off to clean the Craft/Guest room because it is sort of a disaster right now.
Ok, not sort of...
I have been working in there a lot recently on gifts,  decorations, and jewelry items..
and it is just a big MESS!
So I have got to get that cleaned up and organized this week.. and today is the day!

So I had better get with it.
Have a great day!

Snowman Bulb Ornament... DIY

I had several ornaments just sitting that I didn't use, and I decided to see what
I could make with some of them...

It was a AH-HA moment.. :0)  kind of.

So I got 2 sizes of ornaments, my hot glue gun, a piece of ribbon, and
orange as well as black puff paint.

Take the top hanger portion off the larger bulb..

Hot glue them together...

Then I took my piece of ribbon to use as a scarf,  and hot glued it in place around the 'neck' of the snowman...

Then using my puff paint, I painted on a carrot nose, and eyes.. as well as buttons...

Yep.. it's kind of adorable...

and it took about 3 minutes to make.. :0)
(However, it does take a little while for the puff paint to dry completely)

So have you made any Christmas ornaments this year? plan to?

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Friday Faves... (12/13/13)

For those of you that follow my blog,
or check in once in a while, you probably know that
Friday is "Friday Favorites" around these parts. :0)

Here we go..

1). My Simple Coffee Station - so convenient.. :0) 

2). My Charlie brown tree... just makes me smile.

3). Been taking some extra time and learning more and more about my camera this week.. and thrilled with the photo's I have been getting.  Yay!

4). For example.. I was able to capture the sparkle of the lights on our tree... love!

5).  Christmas cookies.. I got our Christmas cookies, baked, decorated, and put in the freezer.
      (otherwise they would not last until Christmas) :0)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...
I have a new ornament to share with you next week.. it's a fun one!

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How I organized my scarves...

I recently decluttered our Master closet and
I had my scarves temporarily hung onto a hanger behind the door..

until I found this This little gadget while browsing in a store...

Now that certainly looks better than a plastic hanger.. :0)

Added in some of my scarves...


It can also hang onto a closet rod among the clothing etc.. as it does have a hanger.
however, I just chose to have it on the wall for now because I like seeing them (so they do
not get lost amidst the clothes) if that makes sense. :0)

So have you came across any neat little gadgets lately for organizing something?

(can be found here: Scarf Organizer)

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