Busy day, Uh.. Busy week - Countdown is on...

I have a busy day.. or busy week I guess.. how about you?

Note to self - 8 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS! :o)

Thankfully I have most of the things checked off my "To Do" List.
I still have to figure out the food, but I have the candy/cookies all ready made
and ready to go!
I want to get it all figured out and get as much done this week as possible,
so I can just enjoy next week with the family.
I am so looking forward to it and to my son coming to visit!
That is a Christmas present in itself.
I Love Christmas time!

On another note..
I managed to get my dog's Christmas photo with my Iphone this morning for fun... HA!
(can you tell he is completely impressed? ha...)

He was glad when I took that hat off.. :0)
Just in case you are wondering, he is a schnoodle.
 (half miniature schnauzer/half miniature poodle)

and Now I have to get back to work...
I am off to clean the Craft/Guest room because it is sort of a disaster right now.
Ok, not sort of...
I have been working in there a lot recently on gifts,  decorations, and jewelry items..
and it is just a big MESS!
So I have got to get that cleaned up and organized this week.. and today is the day!

So I had better get with it.
Have a great day!

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