Oh Christmas tree...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday...
We sure did.  It was wonderful spending time with our son, and our families.

Were you able to find some bargains on the biggest shopping weekend?
I found a few, but most of my shopping is done online.   :0)

We are officially on the Countdown to Christmas!
(how did that happen?) :0)

23 days until Christmas????  well, that means our decorating has been in
full force.

Inside decorations - done!
Outside lights/d├ęcor - done! 

Wahooo.... so glad to get the outdoor lighting done this weekend.
It was so nice outside, so the weather was perfect for working outdoors!
They are saying it is going to get cold and ice/snow coming
in later in the week, so I am thrilled we got it done! 
Yes, I have actually hung lights in the most ridiculous freezing cold weather
 just because I really like lights on the house. ha..

My Christmas Tree has actually been up for a little while now...
but since I haven't shared the full view of it...

Here we go...


I need to find a new topper...
but until I find the 'perfect one' this one works. :0)

So have you started decorating?  Done with decorating? not decorating yet?


  1. I am happy to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope your son got to spend a few days with you. My daughter was home for four days and nights and it was wonderful! Your treee is just beautiful! I am finished with the inside decorating. probably won't do anything outside since we live in the woods and very few people would see it. I used to when my kiddos were small though...:) Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. I love how "skinny" this Christmas tree is! We just moved in to a smaller home and are talking about whether we have room for a tree this year. Something like this might be doable... And it looks great, too!


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