Friday Favorites... (2/28/14)

Happy Friday to you..

I have gotten quite a bit done this week on my craft room/office overhaul.
I still have a few organization projects to get done, and hoping to get them done over the weekend.
We are suppose to have another winter storm come through, so it will be a good time to be indoors.

Here are my friday fave's for the week...

- A big flock of wild turkeys came wandering through the pasture...
(one of the horses wasn't sure what to think of that..)

-  Wallpaper done.. and I really like how it turned out.  I used a textured paintable wallpaper
 in my craft room/office.. it hides those little imperfections, which is what i was hoping for.
 (Although I remember why I am not a fan of putting up wallpaper)

-   Artwork for the craft space... washi tape + canvas = instant art.

-  Office space reveal... I am really enjoying having an office a lot more than I
  thought I would.

-  I picked up a new clock for the office, and I really like the look and function of it.
   However, this thing is rather noisy...tick/tock/tick/tock.    I debated on taking it back,
   but I am actually getting use to it by now, and a bonus to the noise -
   I should definitely notice when the battery needs changed..
   ya know? when the clock gets quiet.  Ha.. :0)

Hope you have a great weekend..

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The office move...

It happened.. 
I decided to move the office out of the master bedroom.

It will be the first time in about 7 years (at least) that I haven't had 
my computer in the bedroom.
I wasn't too sure I would like it and debated on it for a while,
but ultimately decided that if I didn't like it... I can always 
move it all back!  

So here it is... the new office.
(Or office side of my office / craft combo room.)

 Yes indeed... you saw correct! There is a touch of western decor..
Actually, you will find a western touch here and there pretty much
throughout our home, some rooms more than others.

We are very much in the country, and very much about horses...
 (and cattle, and on and on)  
I love that picture above. I bought that the year my husband and I got married,
so quite a few years ago. :o)    I purchased it at a western store and paid
 a pretty penny for it.  It has rope embedded into the wood frame which I thought
was extremely unique, and just loved it.
It has been put away for a while now, but the pastel shades of the watercolor
goes very nicely with the colors in my office/craft room, so it was a perfect match.

The plastic horse?  Well, it has a story behind it - and means a lot to me...
 so plastic horse had to stay.

The bright pink dog... it is actually a speaker for a mp3/ipod..
so it gets used from time to time, but let's face it... it is just stinking cute. :0)

Beside the pink dog hangs a set of headphones, so we can quietly listen to music when
needed. I just put a towel/coat hook on the side of the file shelf to hang them on.
It makes them easy to find, and they aren't taking up space in my desk drawers.

Coffee mug? (or pen holder)
I used some sharpie's and drew the design on it to add a little interest,
and then to add a little more color to the desk area I painted a coaster
with a pretty shade of turquoise paint.

The file/drawer cubes?
 I bought those at Michaels.
You will see a lot of those in the upcoming craft room reveal.

So that is my new office space...  and a few of the details.  I plan to share more
in an upcoming post.

I must say I am so glad I went with white walls, and little pops of color here and there.
It makes it a bright and cheerful place to work, and of course my
cluttered cork board is nearby.
(Yep, that is the piece of inspiration that led to my blog's name)

I am happy with the office move... it has worked out even better
than I expected.  That is always a good thing in my book...
Thanks for stopping by.

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Washi Tape Artwork using canvas...

I wanted to make some new artwork for my craft space.

I decided to use 3 of  these canvas squares that I had, and picked out some
decorative washi tape...  instant art! :0)

I chose 3 different colors of chevron tape, and a fun leopard print..  
Besides the washi tape, I also used modge podge,
a paint brush, and a small piece of  wrapping paper.
Wrapping paper? Yep.. wrapping paper. :0)

I started by painting on modge podge where I wanted to place the tape.. (so it would stay put)

Then I placed the washi tape on,
 wrapping it around onto the back of the canvas since the sides will be visible as well.

Then I added some more modge podge and tape...

I made them all quite different, but using the same tape gives them a cohesive look.

The center canvas I also added in a piece of turquoise/white polkadot wrapping paper
to bring in a little more of the light blue color to the room. (I only modge podged the sides of the canvas for the wrapping paper, then I placed washi tape along each edge and that was all it needed.) 

These were so easy, and they look perfect, just what I was wanting! 
Love it when projects turn out like that. 

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Bringing the wallpaper back... what?

I have been working on giving my craft room a reorganization overhaul ya might say.
It has been a challenge.  (because I keep changing my mind kind of challenge)

I thought I had it how I wanted it.. and of course, changed my mind.
More than once.
More than twice.

I then thought I had it how I wanted it.. but decided maybe I should paint the room
a different color.
Hmm.. nothing like having to move furniture for a 3rd, or 4th, or 5th time aye?

Then I had the idea of: Oh hey, I wonder what textured wallpaper that is paintable
would look like?
What in the world was I thinking? 

So now I have started over for the 100th time!
I am exaggerating, although it definitely feels like the 100th time... :0)

Finally, I am done with the wallpaper!  It looks good and brightened up the room as
well as hid a few imperfections due to the texture.
However, I quickly remembered why I don't particularly like wallpapering an entire room
 from floor to ceiling - it is not much fun!
I am certainly relieved glad to be done with that part of the project.

So here is a sneak peek... at the wallpaper I chose to use.
(stucco  is the texture I went with)

and here is a sneak peek at it on the wall...

What color am I painting it?
Well... actually I am painting it white... :0)

I will be sharing more of the room makeover soon..

Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles...

How about some sugar cookies..?

For this recipe:

1 stick of butter (softened)
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 tsp. salt
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 pkg. of 3.4 oz vanilla pudding mix
1 1/2 cups of flour

Now for the hard part... just kidding!
I just put it all in my mixer and mix it until it is combined.
That's it.

I roll the dough into small balls and bake on parchment paper on a cookie sheet...
350 degree's for about 8-10 minutes give or take, depending on your oven of course.

Let cool, and enjoy...

Get the Printable Recipe here--> Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

Time for Friday Favorites...(2/21/14)

I must say I am kind of glad it is Friday.. what's not to like?
Nothing against the other 6 days of the week mind you, but there is just
something about Friday that seems to welcome in the weekend.

So I will jump right in and share the Friday Fave's...

-These super simple No Sew diy Placemats... for less than a couple bucks... and in less
than 5 minutes.  (and a fun color) :0)

-Cheesy Veggie Soup... yum.

-My craft room overhaul reorganization/makeover project has officially began.

-I reorganized the kitchen spices this week and took back that wasted space with a
easy diy project... love how this turned out!

-College basketball of course.. :0)

Well I am off to work on the craft room...  Have a great weekend.

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Worse before it gets better.. the craft room makeover begins.

So you know those projects that you start and almost kind of...
overwhelm you... for a moment at least.

or maybe several moments...

or possibly even for days! :0)

Well, I started one of those projects.
Craft room project = chaos!

I started my Craft room re-organization/makeover yesterday...
and hopefully I don't get lost in that mess that I got going on in there right now.

The "worse before it gets better" kind of mess. 

Amazing how much stuff a person can have tucked away in a closet or in drawers,
then you start pulling stuff out to change things up,
and there is no denying how much stuff is really there. Yikes.

What's my plan?
Today: empty closet & paint the inside of the closet. (white)

After that...

Declutter - a few organization project/idea's -Move Furniture Pieces around -
 Organize, Organize, Organize!

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Organizing Kitchen Spices and my fix for that wasted space

My spices..
I had them as organized as I thought I could have them in their designated space...
but it was still not what I wanted.  So it was time to do something about it... somehow!

As you can probably see, there are sprinkles in front of cookbooks, and it is just a lot of
items piled into a small area.

I emptied out all the spices, sprinkles, olive oils, coconut oil, and so on...

Then I noticed something....

A whole lot of wasted space!
Then I had a AHHAAAAA moment...
and it was time to fix it so I can use that space - wasted space... no more!

So I got a large dowel rod (7/8" size) and I marked it off in 2 inch sections, and then
headed to the garage...

Cut my 2 inch sections, then got out the drill and a 11/32" bit.

Then I drilled holes into the "center" of one end of each of the dowel rods...
(don't laugh at my "center" holes... okay, go ahead and laugh! I should've used a vise 
to hold them, but didn't... so in my defense it was kind of
difficult to hold on to a 2 inch piece of dowel and drill a hole in center... just saying. ha..) 

Then I took my new wood risers into the house and painted them white...

When they were dry, I placed them onto my shelf.
 (I thought about using glue to secure it a little more, but I didn't think it really needed it... and
I also considered putting felt on the bottom of each 'riser' to prevent scratches, but since I had
shelf liner in place, I didn't.)

Ahhhhhhhhhh.... gotta love that extra space!

Then I loaded it back up with the spices/oils. 
(I left the sprinkles out and will be placing them elsewhere with baking items)

The small containers now fit under the shelf, and I placed some of the larger items that
don't get used as often underneath toward the back.. and still have a lot of room left
back there for extra spices or 'back ups'.... 

I am thrilled with how this project turned out and so happy I won't have spices and sprinkles falling out
when someone opens the cabinet! (true story) Ha.. 

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Cheesy Veggie Soup recipe

I had a freezer cooking session yesterday and got quite a bit accomplished.
One of the items I made was this yummy "comfort food" - Cheesy Veggie Soup.

My mother in law gave me this recipe and it is one of my favorites...
 In fact the picky eaters at my house that don't really like a lot of the veggies that are
used in this recipe... actually like this soup.  :0)

It is sooooooooo good.
So I thought I would share it with you today.


  • 4 chicken bouillon cubes
  • 1 qt. water
  • 2 ½ cups diced potatoes
  • 1 cup chopped celery
  • 1 cup chopped carrots
  • ½ cup chopped onion

  • 1 20 oz bag frozen veggies (cauliflower/broccoli/carrots)
  • 2 cans cream of chicken soup
  • 1 can water
  • 1 lb. velveeta (cubed)


Place the first 6 items into a large stockpot and bring to a boil. Boil for approximately
20 minutes.  Add in the frozen veggies and cook until tender. (mash with fork or potato
masher if don’t want the bigger chunks)   Then add in the soup, a soup can of water, and
velveeta.   Cook over low-medium heat (stirring often) until cheese melts.  

Serve and enjoy...

Get the Printable Recipe here:--> Cheesy Veggie Soup Recipe

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DIY No Sew Placemats in under 5 minutes...

I picked up some fun turquoise shelf liner recently (for $1.00 a roll)...
and I decided I wanted to see if it would work out for Placemats.

and this diy project... well, it could'nt be more simple. :0)

I opened it up and rolled it out, and used a different placemat for my guide to cut it.

For size reference the roll I used was 12 inches wide, and I cut the placemats at 18 inches long.
(This particular roll of liner will make 3 placemats per roll at that size)

That is it...
Placemats in less than a couple of minutes...

Could also make a table runner, or use it like a doily for a fun pop of color, and could easily
cut them in different shapes as well.  I think circles would be fun.
You could even add some decorative elements to them if you wanted. (silk flower in the corner, rhinestones, stencil on a design using some paint, and so on)

I decided to place them in the center of the table for a slightly less pop of color,
 and I like how that looks also.

I can think of several uses for this stuff now... :0)

Hope you have a great Monday!

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Friday Favorites and a Happy Valentines Day (2/14/2014)

Happy Friday to you...
and Happy Valentines Day as well.

It's that time again..
Time for a few favorite things from the week....
Here we go:

~ This DIY Jewelry Organizer... nice to have jewelry on display,
   instead of forgotten in a drawer.

~ A beautiful sunrise in the early morning on my drive home.
  (was on a country road with no traffic.. so had to pull over and take
   a picture with my iphone of course, lol...)

~ My Spruced Up Mixer”...   just adds a touch of fun to the kitchen.

~ I made some whole wheat sugar cookies for Valentines day and they are
   surprisingly very good...
~ Valentines Day of course... :o)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! (and wonderful Valentines Day)

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