Weekend fun and Cutting my hair...

First up I wanted to share a couple of the photo's from our Fourth of July.

We decided about midday on the 4th to go visit our son, so we packed an overnight
bag and off we went.
Basically, because that is how plans go a lot of the time around here.
We think we have plans figured out, but then we change them up practically at the
last minute. :0)

We had a good time while we were there.
We actually went to the roof of a family members building that is in town
to watch the city's fireworks display, so we had a pretty good view of them.

We shopped a little the day after and then came back home.  It's always
so much fun going and seeing him, whether we get to see him a few minutes
or for quite a while.  Love all the time that we do get to spend together.

Something else that I did over the fourth of July holiday was
I cut my hair... short.
It had gotten really long - probably about mid back length.
(It was much longer than the before photo that i used.)

Well cutting my hair was actually sort of a process, over a couple of weeks.
First, I cut a few inches off.
Then several days later closer to my shoulders.
Then a few days after that, I decided to just go for it.

It's layered fairly short in the back... layered through the sides, and then long at the front.
(I had it tucked behind my ears in this photo so ya can't really see that -oops! )
I do have side bangs as well, but I had them in a tiny clip on the side above.

It is so much lighter (my hair is super thick),
and it doesn't take long to dry or style it now, that is for sure.
I have also realized there are actually several ways to style it.
I can flip the ends out for a more edgy look - or curl them under,
tuck the hair behind my ears (like I did in the above photo), leave it straight,
curl it, can easily add volume, barrettes/clips/headbands look really good with
a cut like this, and earrings actually show - ha.   The only time you could tell I
was wearing earrings before was if I had my hair up.
So far I like it, which is a good thing since I am kind of stuck with it. :0)

The holiday weekend was a lot of fun, but definitely went by too quickly.
As they say - time flies when you are having fun.
So about making plans... I am curious, do you make plans and stick to them,
or do you end up making plans at the last minute? Maybe a mixture of both?

I guess we fit in the mixture of both category. ha.


  1. Love the cut... you look beautiful!!

    1. You are too kind... Thank you Mary.
      Hope you had a great fourth of July holiday.

  2. Oh Tina...I love your hair cut! It looks great...so cute! Sometimes I am tempted to cut mine short....maybe one day! You are just gorgeous girl! You sure don't look old enough to have a son in college...:) Have a blessed Wednesday!

    Hugs, Vicky

    1. Thank you Vicky for the kind words. I am still getting use to the short hair but I like it. So easy to take care of. (so far) ha.
      Hope your reno is going well. Have a blessed day.


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