Bathroom Closet Spruce up

Do you have a space that just gets a little out of control from
time to time?

For us that would be Yes, and honestly it would also be several spaces..
Several spaces that are behind a door that is, like cabinets or closets.
It is tooooo  so easy to toss something in a shut the door.. ya know? :0)

So I decided to work on those 'behind the door spaces' and get them
spruced back up.
Nothing major, just a quick 10 minutes, fix it up fast kind of way.
After all it is summer time, (which equals busy time), and have so many other
projects going on.. so I decided to basically keep it simple and basic,
and just get it back to organized.
Ya know so I don't cringe every time I open the door and see how it
looks in there.
(anyone else out there have that feeling when opening up a closet door?  
That ugh, get in and get out and shut that door quick feeling!) :0) ha.

Keeping it real.. here is the before:

Cringe!..  Mostly the problem is that items were kind of tossed in sort of
wherever.. (as you can probably tell). The sheets/blankets look as though
they are about to fall off the top shelf.

So I started by getting the nail polish stuff organized, and getting the stray bottles
rounded up and putting them where they belong.
Someday I may coordinate this better, by color or something.. but that day is
not today. :0)

I also straightened up the back of the door shelf, putting things in their proper spot,
and took down the blankets/sheets and refolded them and placed them much
more neatly onto the shelf. *Uh hmm..*  

I do have quite a few plans for this closet.. such as getting rid of the wire shelving
and building my own shelves, and a lot more of them.   I also want to find some
baskets or containers to neatly corral and organize all of the smaller items in.

 But again - not today. :0)

Today, I like that in just a few minutes I was able to get this space organized and items
back where they belong.
It looks so much better.
Today that is. :0)

Have a great weekend.

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  1. It feels so good to get things straightened up doens't it? It's amazing how quickly things get out of control too! Have a great weekend...:)

    1. Yes it does.. hope you have a great weekend as well!


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