Stocking Stuffers for the Furry friends

Do you put out stockings for the furry family members?
We do.. and have several I might add, so I thought I would make a list
of stocking stuffers for the furry family members to share:

For the Dogs:

No Stuffing Squeak Dog Toys - some of my favorites, because my Odie likes to see what
he can do with stuffing, and if you have ever seen a dog toy get the stuffing ripped out...
Seriously, how do they even have that much stuffing in a tiny dog toy?  :0)

Kong Wubba is definitely at the top of my toy list.. this toy has held up more than
any other I have purchased.  (but we still have to replace them every so often)

Dog Treats are something I would put in their stocking as well.   This particular kind
I have purchased before, and it is suppose to be good for their dental hygiene.
I would buy them again.

For the Feline's:

Cat Toys.. this Variety Pack looks like a good one. Especially if you have
more than one cat.

This Kong Cat Scratcher has some really good reviews. (although it is doubtful it would
fit in a stocking.. just thought I would add it to the mix since it had such good reviews) :0)

Can't forget Cat Treats .. I haven't bought these in particular,
but they had good reviews as well.

I put together a stocking stuffer list for young adults/adults Here if you'd like to see
some more stocking idea's.

So do you put up stockings for the furry family members?  or buy them a gift?
If so what are some other idea's?

All about the Plaid

I am totally on a plaid kick these days..
Scarves, Pillows, Throws, Ribbon..

I love it for Christmas decorating but it is also something that is great for year round.
I picked up 3 pretty gray, white, and red plaid throws to add some color in our living
room and I just love them.

Then I found these black/white buffalo check pillow covers...  they are so much
nicer than I expected them to be for the price, and such a great and inexpensive
way to change up a pillow you already may have!

(You can find the Plaid Pillow Covers Here or Here.)

The small truck pillow is one I made from a $1.00 kitchen Towel Here.

I added a fun plaid accent here..  as well as a unique touch of cow print, and of course my
DIY Christmas Tree Hauling Truck.. so cute.

I have plaid ribbon tied onto our Christmas tree throughout.

As you can see I use Santa hats here and there to add more pops of red and a fun touch.

The red/white check here is actually a kitchen napkin from the Pioneer Woman line that I had.

But here is another one of my favorites..
This scarf!   Who doesn't love Red and Black Buffalo Check Print.

I recently purchased this scarf and in fact I wore on Thanksgiving.
It is so soft and cozy.

You can find the buffalo check scarf Here or Here.

They have several beautiful patterns and I definitely am pleased with mine.. so soft!

(I actually purchased the one Here that says it is a mens, however I compared it to the one that says that it is a womens scarf and they were exact same sizing.. but the mens was less expensive at the time that I purchased it and in stock for shipment as well.)

I am going to check out the other prints now!

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A GIVEAWAY For a Canvas Print From Canvas Factory

My daughter and I both enjoy photography, and have been taking a
lot of photo's lately.  We both have Digital SLR camera's and are
enjoying learning how to use all the settings and of course seeing
the wonderful results of using Manual mode vs Automatic.

So we have a lot of photo's just waiting to be printed, and that is why
I am so excited to share this giveaway with you today!
(It couldn't have came at a better time.)

Canvas Factory is sponsoring a giveaway for us today!

Canvas Factory gave me a 16 x 20 Canvas Print, and I decided to use
one of my daughters photo's that she took of our horses..   we didn't
have a photo with these 3 beauties together so it was the winner
in debating what photo to use.

The process was very easy to upload my photo and follow the steps to
place my order, and I received my canvas within 2 weeks.    I wasn't sure what
to expect as I haven't ordered a canvas photo print before, but I was certainly pleased
with the quality and how mine turned out.
The fact that my daughter took the photo makes it even more special.  :0)

So let's get to the giveaway shall we?

Canvas Factory is giving away one 16 x 20 photo Canvas.
(Winner will get to choose, upload, and order their own
 photo that they would like on their free canvas!)

*giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

(shipping is free to the winner)  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
Thank you Canvas Factory for providing this giveaway!
Giveaway is open to U.S and Canada only, and the winner will be randomly chosen
by Rafflecopter.
Canvas Factory blessed me with a photo Canvas in exchange for this review and post.
However the opinions are 100% my own.

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DIY An Adorable Wood Hoop Snowman

We have been on a Snowman theme for the holidays this year..
which all started with our Snowman Top Hat Tree Topper, and went from there. :0)

So I wanted to make a new snowman and decided to use 2 wooden hoops
from the embroidery section in the craft department.
( I used an 8" size and 4" size)

The first thing I did was decide to use a cheap white glittered Christmas Tree skirt for my fabric.
(similar found Here )   I folded the fabric in half to double it up, and placed it into
the hoops and then tightened the screw on each hoop.

Then I cut off the excess fabric from both of my wood hoops.
I placed the hoops together where I wanted them to connect, making sure the tightening
screws were in a place that I knew I would be able to hide them later.
Then using my hot glue gun I glued them together.
I used quite a bit of glue as I wanted a really good bond between the two and I knew I
would be hiding where they connect so I wasn't concerned about glue showing.

Next I took a piece of fabric remnant that I had and I cut it about 2 inches wide, and plenty long so I could trim off what I wanted to later, and I simply tied a scarf onto my snowman.

Just a simple knot, but I didn't pull it too tight, after all I wanted to hide the tightening mechanism.   Then I cut the ends to the length I wanted.

Next I got a piece of cardboard from the lid of a shipping box, a small fabric scrap in black/white polkadot print, some tacky glue, orange and black puffy paint, my scissors, and a couple of buttons.

Then I cut out a simple top hat shape from my piece of scrap cardboard,  and using my tacky glue
attached my scrap fabric to the 'hat', and cut off the excess.

Then I used my hot glue gun to attach my hat to my snowman, and went ahead and added
my buttons as well.

Then I decided this guy needed some matching boots, so I made some boots the same way
that I made the hat.

Then I used my puffy paint to add his eyes and carrot nose, and I added a few little touches like his hat band, patch, and his heart on his scarf.

Just love this snowman.  He is just snow cute. ;0)

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Stocking Stuffers.. teen through adults

Stocking Stuffers..  Something that has sure changed over the years.
We have a 18 year old daughter and 21 year old son, so the days of hot wheels and
little pet shop toys for stocking stuffers are no longer here ya might say. :0)

So I was searching online and seeing what I could find for stocking stuffers this year
and thought I would make a list of what I can find and share with you.

Who knows.. you may be looking for stocking stuffers as well.
So here are a few of the items I would buy for a stocking stuffer.

For Young Adults / Adults:

          Lip Balm                                                     Gloves

          Fuzzy Socks                    Thermal Socks                   Peppermint Candy


        Chocolate Candy                Small Flashlight              Magnetic Sculpture

       Gift Cards                            Dry Body Brush                  Manicure Kit

      Hand Cream                  NFL Team Toothbrush          Pocket Power Charger

So what are some other items you would add to the Stocking Stuffer list?
Scratch off lottery tickets?