New Hair - Short with a pop of color

My daughter helped me add some pops of color to my hair a while back..
we added several fun and subtle highlights in red, blue, purple, and green..
Have you seen the "oil slick" look?  So fun!
If not you can see examples on my pinterest board here.

After my colored highlights had washed out, I simply added some highlights 
towards the bottom of my hair to give it a little dimension, 
and I kept the top dark brown.

I really liked it, but had been wanting to add in some more color but just hadn't done it..
until yesterday.
Yesterday was the day, and red and hints of blue are the colors I chose.

Only I didn't stop there..
I decided to cut off my hair as well. 

So here is my before hair and my current hair..


The blue isn't that noticeable, however in the blue color's defense I think I cut most of it off
when I decided to go ahead and chop off my hair while I was at it.. Lol.

So I think I may have to add a little more blue for fun,
but for now I am loving my short hair.

My hair is super thick, and one perk to having it short.. it sure dries a lot faster. :0)

I cut it long enough that I can still easily tuck it behind my ears if I want to, and
I stacked it in the back.

The red is a little brighter than I anticipated, but I actually really like how it turned out.
So Fun.

Have a safe and blessed holiday weekend!

- TinaH

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