Friday Favorites... (5/3/2013)

Wow.. it is already MAY.. 
I have to kind of let that soak in for a minute.. :0)

What a busy time.. birthdays, graduations, and the list goes on an on..
Next week is a super busy week for us, a lot of last minute details for a graduation party, a
birthday to celebrate, and of course Mothers Day is just around the corner as well!

 Time to get out the notebook and start checking off the 'To-Do's, double check things, make sure I have everything basically figured out for the extremely busy week ahead.

However, today I am sharing some of my favorite things from this week.

Here we go..

#1).  My Table Transformation..  Love my checkerboard insert! :0)

#2).  "Faux S’mores"  a easy and quick indoor alternative to a messy s'more.. (taste more like a chocolate covered marshmallow however) 

#3).  During the few 80 degree's temperatures we planted some flowers..  Thankfully, I put them in flower pots so I can move them indoors to protect them from our not so lovely winter temps that we are getting now.  

#4). My  Table Top Solar Lights I made using broken solar lights.. that weed eater can be really hard on solar lights - let me tell ya! :0)

#5).  I made home made chicken noodles.. one of the family favorites.   Yum.

It has been a wacky weather kind of week.. from mid 80's and getting a light sunburn from working in the yard, to the following day having to wear a coat and gloves because of winter temperatures & falling snow..  that is not one of my favorite things from the week.. :0)

Have a wonderful weekend..
I am looking forward to the 80 degree temps returning. (soon I hope)

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