Weekend review.. (5/20/13)

We spent the weekend working in our yard, spending time with our horses, and hanging out indoors due to the weather.

Some of my flowers are starting to bloom now, and they are beautiful..

We are suppose to have more storms today..  

and I think it looks like a good day to be indoors.. :0)


  1. Your flowers look lovely! I need to get my annuals in this weekend, but my perennials are loving the rain we're having.

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous Tina! I know you are enjoying them. I would love to see photos of your horses. I always wanted one as a young girl and still think they are magnificent creatures! Speaking of rain....it just started at my house I am enjoying the sound of the thunder as I type!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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