What's in my Bag?

I recently showed you my 'Quick Clean Up Challenge - Purse Edition'...

Today I am going to show you, what I actually carry in my bag. :0)

I will start with the outside..
I keep my IPhone in the outer slip pocket for easy access.. that is pretty much all I put there.

Now for the inside:

Since I don't use the interior slip pockets for my Phone, I use them for other
small objects that I don't want lost in the bottom of my bag.
 (such as gum/lotion/pens etc.)

Now for the list: :o)

- Wallet
- Small Notebooks
- Gum
- Business cards
- Cosmetic case (contains: mirror/lip balm/hair bands/brush/iphone cord/ etc.)
- Nail Kit (nail file/nail clippers/etc.)
- Keys (with tiny flashlight key chain and small tape measure)
- Hand Lotion
- Eye drops
- Small Flashlight
- Ink Pen (not shown)

Other items..
 I almost always carry a band aid in my wallet..even though I keep a first aid kit in my vehicle, hey ya never know when ya might need a band aid.  I learned this early on as a mom.. :0)
A small pocket knife/nail file combo thing.. comes in very handy for opening those awful plastic packages when someone is impatient with a purchase. (such as: batteries)
My tiny tape measure key chain.. gotta have that!
A few family photo's. (just because) :0)

So that is the majority of what is in my bag, besides the normal necessities: checkbook/debit card/fem. Products/blah, blah, blah...

I also occasionally toss in my smaller digital camera (depending on what we are doing),
my Ipad,
and I try to take a bottle of water with me as well to avoid purchasing soda or something on the go. :0)

That pretty much sums it up..
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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