Decorative Touches for the fourth of July

We have been spending so much time outdoors that I really haven't gotten
a lot of indoor projects done recently..

(You can see a breakdown of our outdoor projects in June Here)

However, I wanted to share a few photo's of my extremely simple d├ęcor for the 4th.

I purchased some bandanna's in red and blue to use for a festive touch.
Simply by folding them, flipping them over, and layering them.
(and using my iron on them)

 Then I added a centerpiece..
 (which I chose red candle, placed rope inside, and hung a blue tin star on it)

I really liked the simplicity of it, and the country look it was giving with the rope
and bandanna's.. So fun.
However, I decided to add more to it.. and may have went a little
overboard..  I added a tablecloth, table runner, burlap ribbon, and a mirror. :o)

Well, the good thing about not being sure about table decor.. it is easy to change up.
(so it changes often around here)

I then placed a blue bandanna on my server, as well as my decorated Candle Sticks.

I also picked up some small flags that I placed in different area's of
 the house, such as my kitchen windowsill.


To my front door, I gave my wreath a makeover and added an American Flag.
(You can see that post Here)

Of course, can't forget outside..


Hope you have a great Fourth of July Holiday!

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  1. Looks like you're all ready for the big day! Any special plans? Have a great 4th!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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