Fast Packing for Lunch.. the Snack Drawer and how it saves us money

We really don't want to make and pack lunches every morning from scratch...
As in get out the bag of chips, get a baggie, put some chips in a baggie, zip it up, get out the fruit, get another baggie.. and on and on.. you get the idea. :0)

In the past we didn't want to make lunches in the morning due to whatever reason we had, so
there were several instances of just not taking a lunch at all, and then of course having to buy lunch somewhere.

So I came up with 'snack drawer' a long time ago, and it has served us well.

Basically, I chose a drawer in our refrigerator to be used for Lunch stuff.  During the weekend, or as soon as I get home from grocery shopping, I bag up the food that will be needed for lunches for the week.
 Such as a bag of chips..  Yep, the entire bag gets divided into lots of individual baggies.  This way no one sits and eats half a bag of chips, :o)  plus the lunch drawer is stocked up and ready to go.
 I also wash and bag up the fruit, and whatever else is going to be used for the week at this time.  I like to get it done right when I get home.. it just works out easier that way, and then I know it is done.

So when the morning rolls around..  especially those feel like you are running late kind of mornings, or feeling like you could sleep in kind of mornings.. then basically you grab n go for the most part.  
I don't usually make sandwiches ahead of time, unless it is the night before.. those are usually made in the morning.  No one likes soggy bread that soaked up the mayo overnight... well, no one I know anyway. :0)

So when morning has arrived and lunches need packed up.. it is a relatively easy process, just add a sandwich or 2, and you are good to go.

Besides making the morning a little less hectic by having items bagged up and ready to go.. it also makes the morning a little less stressful by knowing lunch is taken care of for the week.
You don't have to dig through cabinets looking for chips to bag up, or snacks etc.., and you save money by not having to buy lunch somewhere unnecessarily.    If you think about it, you can easily spend $6.00 - $7.00 or more on a single lunch.. that can certainly add up rather quickly.

Something else I discovered while searching online.. is that you can freeze peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..  who knew?
I got that tip at: and they work out really well, and they stay cooler longer in your lunch bag than with a regular freezer pack. (Plus, they are good right out of the freezer too.) :0)

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  1. I seriously need to make myself do this! It would save me so much time in the morning when I am packing my lunch! Maybe this is the year...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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