Friday Favorites.. (7/26/13)

Yay for Friday..

Here are a few of my favorite things from the week..

~  I made a new recipe that I saw on a cooking show.. It has 2 ingredients! That's it, 2.
    I really didn't think it would be very good, but decided to give it a try because what
    could be easier than 2 ingredients.. Ha.    
    I had my family guess what they thought was in it, which was quite hilarious what they came up with.
    The ingredients you ask?   Devils Food cake mix, and a can of pure pumpkin.  That's it!
     I was surprised that you can't really tell it is pumpkin.. (unless you know it is in it)  I used the small
     can of pumpkin when I made them, so that may be why it wasn't that noticeable.. I am not sure if that is
    the size the recipe calls for or not, but it worked.
     I think I would add a few chopped nuts or chocolate chips next time.. but overall, it is pretty good!
    (I searched their website and found the recipe for ya: HERE)

~  I have been giving my entryway storage a makeover.. gave it a new color,
    and have added to it.. stay tuned!

~ My birthday was this week.. my family made it the best birthday ever.  Yep, they are definitely the best.

~ My free Side Table Makeover.. have I mentioned how much i like this color? :0)

~ Packing, definitely not my favorite thing this week, cuz it means my son is moving off  for college        tomorrow..  :(    It has become much more 'real' this week.
   However, I have absolutely loved every minute spending time with him during the process. Big day tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Have you ever tried mixing a cake mix with a tub of cool whip and making cookies? Delish! The muffins look tasty...:) Enjoy the milestone in your son;s life tomorrow as you move him off to college. He's starting a new exciting! Blessings for a wonderful weekend my friend...and happy belated birthday!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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