The difference a Tablecloth can make..

It is true.. you can change the entire look of a room with one or two items.
Sometimes it is the little things that can make a really big difference.

I was trying to decide what tablecloth I wanted to use in my kitchen, and
tried a couple different ones.. amazing that one piece of fabric can change the look
within a minute.

Here is my new to me dining room set..

I thought I would share how a simple thing like a tablecloth can change the look..
I didn't change the tabletop decoration, just the tablecloth itself.

Here is choice number one.. which I really like the warm tones and how
they bring out the orange. (paint color: "Cinnamon stick")
To me this one makes the furniture
the focus.

However, since it is almost the Fourth of July..
I went a little bolder and tried this one:

Quite a different look to this one..  when I look at this one, my focus goes to the tablecloth. :0)

I decided it was a little too bold, so I actually added a table runner to tone it down a

So there is a quick example of how one thing, (or 2) can change the look and feel
of a room. (with very little effort) :o)


  1. The beauty of fabric, so little can do so much! Love all your choices and I am still feeling jealous of your furniture find!

  2. I love all three looks, but the second one is my favorite! I love the bold look of the Americana tablecloth...:) I know you are loving your new furniture! I am so ready for new living room furniture but don't want to get any until I redo my walls and floor, so who know when that will be...:) Patience!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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