Weekend review.. a home for doorstop

OK, so the title is kind of.. well, I will just say it - strange!
Let me explain if I can.

So around 2 weeks ago, I looked out my kitchen window to find
a very large dog on my deck... laying on my deck, in a shady spot underneath a patio chair, and panting.

My daughter and I got the dog some water.. being cautious of course, because ya never know and certainly want to be careful around unknown animals.. but it was obvious immediately that she was extremely friendly.  

We live in the country so it isn't completely a new thing for us to have dogs randomly show up.. we have had lost dogs show up several times.   Usually a neighbor's dog, or one with an i.d. tag so we are able to find the owners rather quickly.

This particular dog had a collar, seemed to be in good health, friendly & loves attention, and knew how to "sit" (sort of) :0), so we were fairly sure she had an owner out there.  So the journey to find her owners began.   However, there was no identification.. so we called the neighbors, no one knew where she belonged.   I put an ad on the local radio station, as well as on craigslist, searched all the lost dog listings I could find for our area, and we also added her into our prayers.  We prayed that the dog's owner would find her, or that we would be able to find her a good home if we needed to..  time kept going by, I would renew the listing on craigslist and I kept looking to see if someone posted a lost dog listing.. but didn't find anything.  Days kept going by.. and the journey continued.

OK, so back to the title.. Why doorstop in the title..?
Well, she loved to sleep in front of our door.. so I just kind of jokingly nick named her 'doorstop'.

We are outside a lot, so we tossed balls for her to play with, her favorite was our big jolly ball that is actually made for horses to play with.  She liked carrying it around and chewing on it the best.
On Saturday we were outside riding horses, and 'doorstop' was following us around.
(she followed us everywhere) :0)
I told my family that we were going to have to think about coming up with a real name for her soon... as I was beginning to think that maybe no one was looking for her after all.    (which by this time about 2 weeks had passed and we were getting use to her being here, and she seemed to fit in with our other animals just fine and so on..)

Sunday morning we got the phone call.. isn't it funny how things work out sometimes?
They saw our ad on craigslist that morning, and they were sooo excited to find their dog.
She had followed one of them off when they were hauling hay, and they
hadn't seen her since.. it had been 3 weeks, and they hadn't been able to find her.
The owner arrived shortly after the phone call.
'Doorstop' as I refer to her, was very excited to see her owner as well. 
What a wonderful, happy reunion it was.

I had gotten so use to her being here, playing ball with her, and having her follow me everywhere that I must admit I did miss her a little after she left..  My husband even mentioned that maybe one of these days we would get a dog like her since we got to see what she was like.
So I guess I am not the only one that didn't mind her being around.. :0) ha!

So our journey to find 'doorstop' a home came to an end over the weekend, and what a Happy Ending it was.  I am so Thankful she found her family and got to go back home.

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