Changing things up.. living room tables and some paint

I was kind of looking around the living room thinking it was crowded.. :0)
So  I decided to move out my coffee table, and end tables and see how it looked
without them in the space...   so much more room!

Since I had that settled they were moved out of the house, and I had to decide what to put in their place..
Then I remembered we had this little round side table that has been painted about 4 or 5 different colors by now, that I could use but it would need some TLC again..
so..  on to the 6th color. :0)

Here it is before I painted it.. (again)
White with a chalkboard painted top..

Ok.. so can you guess what color I used this time around?
I will give you a second to think about it....
Got your answer?   :0)

Are you thinking Peacock Blue?  ha..

If so, then you will be surprised to see...
Cinnamon Stick.

and of course I added some black to give it a little depth.

My living room is mostly in shades of caramel tones with burgundy/hunter green for the most part..
so I thought this deep orange would be a nice neutral but still have a pop of color to it.
(It is actually showing up brighter in the photo below than it really is..)
For the other side of the room, I chose to use a wood half moon table that I had
placed elsewhere in the house.
And here is a glimpse of the room from the orange table..
(I enjoy using soft focus, have you noticed) :0)

Pay no attention to the scarecrow kids... Ok, I admit it - I started decorating for fall. :0)

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  1. The table turned out great. I have one similar to it but mine is square. I also have one similar to the half moon one too! Seems we have similar taste...:) Love the scarecrows! I haven;t even thought about fall decor yet as it has been sweltering hot here in Florida! SO looking forward to some cooler temps...just a few more weeks!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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