Friday Favorites.. (08/02/13)

What a week.. :0)

If you follow my blog then you know we helped my son move last weekend..
He is getting all ready for college to start up later this month.

So my number #1 for the week is:

  I am Thankful...

I am so Thankful for my family.
Thankful that we were able to help our son pack, and move...
and that we got to help him in getting settled in.  (and that he wanted us to help)
I know that I have heard of some parents that couldn't wait to move their kids out, and of course there are the kids that can't wait to get out..   :o)
So I am thankful that our story is different than that.

However, it sure wasn't easy for us as parents...  in fact, it was probably at the top of the list of
hard things in my book..  it is definitely going to take some time to get use to it, and all
the changes that go along with it... from cooking to shopping and so on.

I must also say that I am extremely Thankful for Prayer, and Thankful that God has helped us, and continues to help us in adjusting.

I am so excited for my son,  I know he has an amazing future ahead!

I have been working pretty much sun up to sun down and staying busy this week. 
Painting, Organizing.. and so on.
Which I enjoy... and honestly it helps me in dealing with this new change in our home.
Lot's of projects to share..

#3).  My IPhone.. gotta say I am glad I have it.

#4).   Another free piece of furniture.. stay tuned to see what happens to it.

#5).  Coffee.. just because. :0)

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  1. I'm so glad you are adjusting well after helping your son move...:) It is a bittersweet moment in time! Lots of new experiences for your family. You will so look forward to holidays and even an occasional weekend here and there when he can come home to visit or when you can go visit him. Can't wait to see your desk after you give it a makeover! Have a wonderful weekend....Vicky


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