Friday Favorites... (8/08/13)

Wow, what a week..

We have gotten rain just about every day, if not every day.. and lots of it! :0)

My garden is still going strong, and I'm certainly thankful for that.
Gardens are a lot of work, but in my opinion.. it's worth it!  I was able to get a couple jars
of tomatoes canned finally. Yay!

Enrollment was this week, so that is done.. and now we had better get
to school shopping soon.  It will be starting up before we know it.

Well, It's that time again... time for Friday favorites...

#1).  My Updated Entry..  really enjoying the new look!

#2). Freezer Cooking.. I have been adding to it all week, gotta love having a stocked freezer!

#3). My adorable Blue Desk.. it came a long way from the dark brown color it was before.  I am still deciding  if I want to use it for scrapbooking or a sewing table.. Hmm?

#4). Which leads me to working on my craft room this week.. since my son moved out and plans to be away at the university for the next 4 years I was left with an empty room.. so it is now going to be my craft room/guest room.. It took me a while to decide to use it, but in facing reality he most likely won't be moving home in the near future, but he will have a nice space available when he decides to come home for a visit!  If by chance plans change.. I guarantee I can have that room back into a bedroom in less than 24 hours! You better believe that! :0)

#5).  Home made salsa.. Home grown tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, garlic, cilantro, yep.. one of my favorite foods, yum!

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  1. Love the new blog design...:) And, I can't wait to see what you do with your craft/guest room! Is that a sneak peek above? I am loving it! Oh how I wish I had some homemade salsa or pico r! Love it...yum! Enjoy & have a wonderful weekend....Vicky

    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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