October Challenge to Declutter & Organize Update..(#1)

Here is my first October Challenge Update..

In case you missed it, I decided I would take on an extra task each day  in October besides the regular cleaning/chores to help get more organized and de clutter a little more before the holidays get here.

So how am I doing you ask?  :0)

October 1st..  
October 2nd..  Cleaned/organized my daughters room/bathroom.
October 3rd..  Worked on new icons for the blog and updated my project gallery pages.
October 4th..  Went through a pile of papers, as well as a my stack of coupons to discard 
                           the outdated ones.
October 5th..  Cleaned out purse & Cleaned out my vehicle.
October 6th..  Desk Drawers cleaned out and organized. (Yay!)

Here is the scary before picture...
The messy drawer!!! it had become the 'catch all' drawer.  (eeek!)

And of course....
The wonderful,
De cluttered, (with leftover space!)

After Picture...

A couple of notebooks, for notes.
My small calculator, for calculating.
My label maker, for labeling lots of stuff.
My small canon camera in case, for more portable photo taking. :0) 

(love having a small camera that I can take in my handbag easily, when I don't want to lug my big DSLR around)  Ok, getting off track... back to the update:

October 7th...   Canned Tomato Sauce.. which took a lot of time, so I didn't do so great on the
                         challenge. (unless you count - I de cluttered lots of tomatoes by making/canning
                         tomato sauce.. (does that count? ha)
                         Oh, for all you Twitter fans... I finally added the Twitter link on my blog.

I will be posting additional photo's on instagram if you'd like to see more pictures of
the progress going on in the October challenge.  
How do you get ready for the holidays?
Do you work on it a little at a time, or is it a mad dash to get everything done?


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