Simple Valentines Day Update to my candleabra

The Christmas decorations are put away and it is time to change up a few things...
I don't go all out decorating for Valentines Day, but I do like
to add a touch of Valentines Day flavor here and there... :0)

My candelabra centerpiece was previously looking very holiday for Christmas...

but without the greens and flowers...

beautiful but plain.. so time to change that...

I decided simple was good...
so I simply folded my table runner so that it does not run all the way across
the table...
(see photo above)

I then got some burgundy ribbon and my scissors.. and tied a simple bow around
the center of the candelabra.

Then I decided to add a piece of ribbon underneath the candelabra, and I folded it in
along with the table runner to add a little more to it.

To add a touch of Valentines Day... I added some polymer clay Valentines day
 conversation hearts that I recently made, and placed them around the base
of the center candle. 
(you could use the actual candy if you wanted to)

We don't light these candles so I had no problem dressing them up with ribbon and accents... I would never suggest or recommend that you burn candles that have ribbon around them or near them. :0)
So there is my first little touch of Valentines Day d├ęcor... 
How about you.. do you decorate for Valentines Day? 

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  1. Looks great Tina! I love those little hearts you cute! I have never done anything with polymer clay before but now I want! I have been wanting to drag my Valentine's Day decor out of the shed but haven't had a chance this week...maybe this weekend! Have a wonderful Thursday...:) Blessings, Vicky


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