But first Coffee - Free Printable

We are coffee drinkers around here.. every morning - coffee.

After last night being up most the night watching the election results,
I thought that a coffee theme printable would be a fun thing to share with you today.

Here it is after I printed it and placed it in a simple black frame.

If you'd like to print one you can get your Free Printable HERE.
(Free printable is in pdf format.)

The Blessed mug is my absolute favorite coffee mug..
it was a gift from my husband on my birthday not long after the wreck that my daughter
and I were in this summer.  
(if you hadn't heard we were rear ended by a semi truck/trailer while at a stop sign 
at an intersection on a highway, and the semi hadn't slowed down when he hit us.) 

So that mug and the word on that mug has a whole lot of meaning to me.
I feel very blessed and so very thankful that my daughter and I are still alive..
we have been told many times over how blessed we are to be alive, and I thank God
often for saving us and helping us through all we have had to go through and are going
through. God is good!

So I thought I would try to find a similar one share with you in case you have a thing
for mugs as well, and while searching I came across some other cute mugs that
I thought I would share.
How fun is that camera lens looking travel style mug, and gotta love that eeyore. :0)


So am I the only one that has a favorite mug? If so what's it look like, or does
it have any meaning behind it? Do share!

Have a blessed day!

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