An empty room equals bedroom switch and a makeover...

Since my son recently moved out for college, and plans to be there for the next four years.

We were left with a large empty room to do something with..

My daughter chose to switch rooms, as his room was much bigger than hers.
So we got to work and had fun changing it up... painting, and organizing, and
moving her stuff in.

Here is the before:

Yep, it was a deep charcoal.. almost black color and a medium shade of gray..
but it actually looked really nice with all his black furniture,
and tons of computer stuff/electronics everywhere. :0)

But... it was time to change it up, and quite a change it is!

After about 10 coats of paint (to cover the black) we were finally done with the walls.
(ok so I am exaggerating and it wasn't actually 10 coats..- but definitely fealt like it)

So after lots of paint, and lots of organizing and going through all of her stuff, and moving
her furniture in..

It now looks like this:

(paint colors are: Peacock Blue and Orange Slice by Glidden)

What a difference paint makes.
Such a fun room and loving those colors together.. so cheerful.

Well now I have a smaller empty room to do something with.
I debated on just turning it into a bedroom for our son and just keeping it that way...
but after quite a bit of thought and struggling with the idea a little... I faced the reality that
He is most likely not moving back home, at least not anytime soon that is.. and at most will come home for a day or two when he does get to come to visit.  I understand that all just fine in my head,  it just took my heart a little longer to face up to it, if ya know what I mean. :0)

So I finally decided that I would go ahead and turn it into a Craft room/Guest room, and that I might as well use the space for my craft supplies.. and I have quite a bit!  I really would like to get back to scrapbooking soon.. I am so far behind it is ridiculous!
And if by some chance his plans do change, I know that I could have it back to a bedroom in less than 24 hours.

So my new Craft room/Guest room is now a work in progress.
Stay tuned..

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  1. Your daughter must be thrilled! It looks beautiful!

  2. Love the paint colors you used in your daughter's new room! Very pretty! Looking forward to the craft/guest room reveal.

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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