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DIY a Poofy Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper

I have been working on my Christmas decor and I thought I would share
how to diy a poofy ribbon Christmas Tree topper.. or at least how I do it. 

I chose to use a sheer wired ribbon, 2" wide. 

I cut approximately 3 foot length pieces from my roll of ribbon.

Then placed it into a "W" shape.

Then I gather it up in my hands

and simply tuck it into the top of the Christmas Tree

Then I repeat the process until I am happy with the amount and adjust it here and there.

And there ya go, a fun poofy ribbon tree topper.

I had also tucked in some glitzy silver spiral picks which gives more dimension,
and I love how they look with my sparkly wire star that I chose to use as

You could tuck in several types of picks, or use ribbon combo's, and could also cut the ends
of the ribbon differently which I may end up doing, but right now my tree is still in progress 
and I am loving how it is looking so far!


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DIY Red vintage Truck & Buffalo Plaid Ornaments

If you follow me on Instagram you know we got our first snow of the year.
I can definitely say I am not quite ready for winter.
However, I am working on my Christmas Tree and want to do a farmhouse theme this year,
so I chose to make some fun ornaments for my tree and this is one of
the cute ornaments that I came up with.

I ran across these mini ornaments of vintage red trucks hauling Christmas tree's
and thought they were perfect!  So I picked up several sets.
I imagine these will sell out quickly!

I wanted to give them more of a presence on my Tree so I got out a bag of
wood shapes, and since I am using a lot of black and white buffalo plaid I also
got some printed scrapbook paper to use.

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Inexpensive Christmas Tree Skirt - Buffalo Plaid

I am in Christmas decorating mode around here and I have decided
go a little farmhouse buffalo plaid theme with my
pretty flocked tree this year.

So naturally I wanted a tree skirt to coordinate with the buffalo plaid
print, and in shopping online for one they just seemed quite pricey
in my opinion.

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home with me from the store that I just didn't need to be buying.