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Farmhouse Kitchen Faux Barn Wood Backsplash Update - One Year Later

If you have followed my blog then you know I made some pretty big
changes to my kitchen last year.

From adding a faux barn wood backsplash that I actually made
using leftover flooring and some paint that I had on hand,
to eventually painting my oak cabinets white.

However if you haven't seen it, here is a quick before and after:

It has been an entire year now since installing my backsplash so I thought it
was a great time to put together an update and let you know how it has held up
thus far and my thoughts on it.

(I also made a short video/vlog on my backsplash - link is near the bottom of 
this blog post if you'd like to check it out)

Save Vs Splurge Valentines Day Gifts

In thinking about the upcoming Valentines Day holiday, and planning
what I am going to do for my family,   I thought it would be fun to put together
a Save Vs. Splurge gift list and do some fun comparisons.

(*prices quoted were prices at the time I put this post together and could
change at any time)

    Save                Vs.              Splurge

Keto Pancakes or Waffles Recipe

There are a few things I miss while eating Keto/Low carb,
but can usually find a pretty good substitute for a lot of them.

However, pancakes... I had not found one I liked.
(or even close to liking)

Organization - Tackling the Catch All Cabinet in the Kitchen

This project has been long overdue, but I finally decided today was the day.

It was time to organize, declutter, deep clean, sort through,
and basically tackle the catch all cabinet that is in the kitchen.

It happens to be the cabinet under the sink.
For some reason things just tend to get put there from time to time and it has
become some sort of a mess in there.

My first Grove Co. Order (cleaning video)

After some thought I decided to place an order with this company. (grove co.)
The products they carry are suppose to be all natural and I certainly like the idea of 
less chemicals being introduced into my home.

Another reason I decided to order is that I also have extremely dry skin on my hands 
throughout the winter months and I am hopeful the all natural products will be
a lot less harsh on them. (to be determined) :0)