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So Many Sales (and what I bought)

There are so many sales going on right now, 
and I keep hearing people mention Christmas shopping.
I am all for shopping early however I guess I haven't wrapped
my thinking around Christmas shopping already, but maybe I should. Lol. 

I am sure you have heard about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale by now,
do you like seeing all the great finds?
I personally like seeing what everyone picks as their favorite items and I tend to
like browsing around to see what I can find as well.

It looks like if you like cardigans then Nordstrom is a good place to shop
right now for fall while they are on sale.  Some really pretty ones.
(and at various price points)

I would say one of my favorite things I found in checking out the sale is actually a beauty item and
something that I use almost every single day so I definitely picked this duo up.

(If you like the Anastasia brow pencil & brow gel - for just a few more dollars over the reg. price of one of them ~ you get both! Yay!    I use both already so this was a great find for me!)

I also use the philosophy purity on a daily basis, and this set is a pretty good deal as well.

I think I must have been in a "lounge around mood" while shopping because loungewear
ended up in my cart and the other item I decided to pick up is by barefoot dreams,
I thought they looked comfy/cozy for "lounging" around the house (there is that word again) 😉
and the someday cooler weather.. and they just look so soft!
If you are familiar with barefoot dreams, you know what I mean.. soooo cozy!
I had never seen their socks before so I am hoping these do not disappoint.  

There are some great items in the sale..  however personally my budget has been going
elsewhere.. (*cough* uh hmm, to the garden 🌹 and new plants 🤣)
So I have been good at refraining, but there are several items that
certainly caught my eye and landed on my wish list.. Lol.

(the nordstrom anniversary sale is currently open to cardholders from July 12th-18th and then it is open to everyone on the 19th)

Other sales going on:

Target has a sale going on right now and
their universal thread tee's are something that I personally purchase and wear.
In my opinion they are great basics,  they wash well and they are a good price even
when they aren't on sale so a great time to pick those up and save a couple more dollars.
(for size reference, I wear a size small in these)

Another big sale you have probably heard mentioned is Prime Day at Amazon.
If you aren't a member of Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial
to shop the sale.

Are you shopping for anything in particular at Amazon?

So far I have been debating getting another fire stick because I do have one and 
like to use it off/on and looks like now would be the time.

The Amazon Fire Stick (with Alexa voice remote) is at a great price!
  ($14.99, over 60% off)

They also have the 4K Fire Stick (with Alexa voice remote) for $24.99  (50% off).
The echo and Alexa devices are also at great sale prices. 

A few other things I have seen..
Instant Pot is always popular,  Bose Wireless Headphones (these have been on my wish list for a while),  they have some good sales on computers if you are in the market, and something I have seen talked about a lot is the ring video doorbell is in the sale.

Do you have the ring doorbell system and what are your thoughts? Worth the investment?

What sales have you have been shopping and what have you found?
Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I really should get on that the more
I think about it. :0)

Have a blessed week!
- TinaH

(**In case you didn't see it, my Garden Tour Video is finally posted,  the internet just was not cooperating so it was posted later than I had planned,  You can see it Here!**)

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Garden Tour Video is Up / July 2019

I had hoped to have this up yesterday to along with my blog post,
but just didn't happen (*internet was a slow go yesterday!)
 so here it is. (finally) :0)

A Mini Garden Tour (video)
includes some updates of my pallet planters, my small vegetable garden and how it is doing,
a flower pot issue? hmm.. :0)
as well as my solar fountain!

Have a great weekend!

- TinaH

*Solar Fountain can be found here*
   (currently has a coupon available however as you know 
on amazon prices can change at any time)

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Garden Tour July 2019

I thought I would share a bit of a tour around my garden with you today!
It will mostly be focused on the backyard because I am working on a project in the front
that I am not quite ready to share.. but I hope you enjoy seeing different photo's
around the yard and how my plants are doing this time of year!

It will be fun to look back at and see the progress! :0)

These beauties are up on my back deck.. which is the door mostly used and so how can you not love seeing these every day! Beautiful supertunia's.. (purple is supertunia bordeaux, pink are supertunia vista bubblegum and both of these plants are certainly impressive in my opinion)

This space is mostly new this year.. the flowerbed along the back of the house, the paver patio, as well as the flowerbed beside it.. all new and I am loving how this space is evolving.

Across from the new space is this planting area next to my small shed and it is a fun space that I am
still figuring out.. trying out some different plants to see how they do.

and after the sun comes out.. my solar fountain water feature goes to work!  (love)

My first sunflower to bloom this year.. it's a beauty!

love these boy and girl statues.. just so stinking cute!

My vegetable garden is doing so well, and I plan to expand this space next year and hope to double the size.    I still have to figure out a better way to stake my tomatoes.. any suggestions? What works for you?

My planters on my rustic fence are doing so well, I am really happy with how they are doing and so far have been easy care.. just keeping up with watering and fertilizing them.

I kind of wish I would have picked a brighter color because these just don't stand out as much as the brighter ones that I used last year but I am still super happy with them and these plants are certainly easier to care for. (no deadheading required!) :0)

How is your garden doing so far this year?
I am so happy ours is doing so well considering all the rain that we have had.. a few plants have struggled due to getting too much water but overall in the big picture of our garden space, they are doing well and that is kind of how gardening goes, so just enjoying all the benefits and hoping the ones that weren't too thrilled about the extra water bounce back. :0)

 Have a great weekend!

- TinaH

Solar Fountain: can find it here
Hanging Planters: Found Here

(also here is a corresponding video mini tour of my garden if you'd like to check it out!)

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The Root Beer Challenge and who won

We had the best time over the 4th of July Holiday.
Our kids both got to come home and we enjoyed Fireworks, Badminton, Volleyball,
video games, lots of good food, and we put on a root beer challenge. :0)

Most of us like Root Beer and I had seen someone mention having a root beer taste test so I decided to see what kinds of root beer we could find and do something similar.

We had other family members even looking for root beer in different stores, and it was fun seeing what we could find.
We ended up with 9 different kinds, which made it a little more difficult to try to figure out what
was what but it was so much fun and we had a lot of laughs.

I numbered each cup and I kept track which root beer was in what cup # in a notebook, and then made a simple paper for everyone to try to guess which root beer was in cup #1, cup #2 and so on.

Then we read them off at the end to see who picked what, and I let them know what was in them and they graded their papers as we went through the list..
Oh my, it was so funny.

Then they also picked their favorites as we went along.

I bought some scratch off lottery tickets for the winner that got the most correct.. but they
actually all tied!  What are the odds. Lol.
So everyone got tickets. 😆

If you are curious which root beer was picked as the favorite.. there were a couple different ones
that were top choice but the overall winner was A&W.
It had the most votes as a top pick overall.

There were also a couple that no one liked.. we even went back to them
to make sure they got a fair shake just because after tasting so many it made us wonder if that was a part of it,
but nope.. nobody liked them.  Lol.   

I think we are still in recoup mode trying to catch up on sleep.
Including my dogs.

However,  they kept up with their sleep schedule even during the loud rounds
of video games. Lol.

You may have noticed we didn't keep up with Keto over the holiday with all that root beer, :0)
but we are getting back to it.

We had the best time, it went by far too quickly!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.
I am trying to decide what kind of challenge to put together for the next gathering..
possibly darker colored pops. (or soda's)?

What do you call them where are you from, soda? pop? coke?

- TinaH

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How I Organize and Utilize the Space in our Small Master Closet

(*contains affiliate links)

Are you excited about the holiday?  I know I am, I love the 4th of July and I am
so very excited that our kids will be here this year! (does this momma's heart good!) :0)

Today I thought I would share a closet tour with you and share how I organize our small master walk in closet and how I utilize just about every space it has to offer.
I hope it gives you an idea or two if you have a smaller closet you are working on.

(corresponding youtube video)

     This closet has come so far..  when we moved in it had the builder grade white wire shelving,
and I tried several ways to make those work and I just never liked them.

So I finally removed them, filled holes/painted,
and got to work building some customized built ins.


We both have a tower section with shelving and 3 drawers, plus area's for hanging clothes.
This closet also had a door on the right side that swung inward against the wall, and I
wanted to utilize that area for shelves as well so I simply removed the door.

Our closet is located off the side of our master bathroom so a door wasn't necessary
in my opinion anyway, we never shut it so I didn't see the point in keeping it when I could
use that extra space.

So I added cube storage for shoes, as well as upper shelving for boots etc.

My ball caps hang on hooks on the wall, as well as a few lighter weight bags.

My totes and handbags are around the top of the closet on the shelf.
I keep belts and a scarf organizer on the side of one of the towers.

I also purchased some shoe stacking organizers to help save some space and be able to stack shoes
a little more on the neater side. :o).  I need to pick up a few more of these. 

I can fit 2 easily into each cube and then put another pair of shoes in between them, and they look
a lot nicer than piles of shoes.. :0)
They also work well for short boots as well as you can adjust the angle up/down.

Something else I did was change all of my hangers to the space saving style.. I started by
purchasing enough to see if they made much difference and I was happy with them so I
changed them all over.

It is time for me to go through the closet again,
I try to do it at least twice a year sometimes more, and it is long overdue..
just by taking photo's I can see
items I don't use/wear that I need to find a new home for.
However I have also noticed I am more particular these days about what gets to take up
space in our home. :0)

When I go through a closet, I am the type that takes out everything and then go
through it all one thing at a time so I have to have a pretty good time slot to work on
the closet.. although I could easily just pick one section and do that as well.

I made a video as well of our closet if you'd like to check it out: (Here)
or below

- TinaH

Closet Details: 

Shoe Stacking Organizers: similar HERE
Scarf Organizer: HERE
Cube Shelf: HERE
Space Saving Hangers: Similar HERE
Wall Hooks: Similar HERE

Blog Post on when I made my Closet Built Ins: HERE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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