DIY Project - Updating a Curio Cabinet to Farmhouse Style

I finally updated our curio cabinet to a fun farmhouse style, 
and I am really loving how it turned out!

To see the entire process start to finish,  I have the video up on my YouTube Channel: Here.

I knew I wanted to paint the cabinet, so I started by clearing it all out and removing the glass panels.

I used sandpaper to rough up the faux wood so the paint would have something to adhere to and then I got started painting the cabinet white.

When I had the coverage that I wanted and the paint had dried, I used sandpaper to distress the cabinet 
in different area's to give it a more rustic Farmhouse look.

I wanted to cover the mirror in the back of the cabinet and I had purchased some faux barn wood adhesive
wallpaper/liner (*affiliate link) that I thought would be perfect. 

I replaced all the glass panels and shelves and look at this beauty now!

I love the brightness it adds to the corner of the room!

I am still debating how I want to decorate it and if I want to keep some of the figurines in it or not, or go another direction.   I did tone it down a lot however! 😜

Until I decide how I want to decorate it for sure then I am just going to keep some of my favorites on display. 

I have the video linked below if you'd like to see the transformation in better detail.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

 - Tina

You Tube video is Here on my channel.

Item details:
(*affiliate links)

Faux Barnwood Adhesive Wallpaper/liner: found here
(was inexpensive as well at under $10)

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