DIY Project - Updating a Curio Cabinet to Farmhouse Style

I finally updated our curio cabinet to a fun farmhouse style, 
and I am really loving how it turned out!

To see the entire process start to finish,  I have the video up on my YouTube Channel: Here.

This cabinet was a gift from my husband many years ago when we were first married,  so it has a special place in my heart.  Love the function of it and I think it is a lovely piece, faux wood and all.  
It has definitely held up well over the years. Lol. 
It has the golden oak kind of shiny sticker type of finish to it, and while it actually looked really nice
I just really wanted to update it. 

I knew I wanted to paint the cabinet, so I started by clearing it out and removing the glass panels.

I used sandpaper to rough up the faux wood so the paint would have something to adhere to and then I got started painting the cabinet white.

When I had the coverage that I wanted and the paint had dried, I used sandpaper to distress the cabinet 
in different area's to give it a more rustic Farmhouse look.

I wanted to cover the mirror in the back of the cabinet and I had purchased some faux barn wood adhesive
wallpaper/liner (*affiliate link) that I thought would be perfect. 

I replaced all the glass panels and shelves and look at this beauty now!

I love the brightness it adds to the corner of the room!

I am still debating how I want to decorate it and if I want to keep some of the figurines in it or not, or go another direction.   I did tone it down a lot however! 😜

Until I decide how I want to decorate it for sure then I am just going to keep some of my favorites on display. 

I have the video linked below if you'd like to see the transformation in better detail.

 - Tina

You Tube video is Here on my channel.

Item details:
(*affiliate links)

Faux Barnwood Adhesive Wallpaper/liner: found here
(was inexpensive as well at well under $10)

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  1. loved the video, easy to follow, real life DIY, and I have a cabinet just like your. I am planning to do the project ASAP/ thanks

  2. I have the same curio that was my gma's. Love the way yours turned out and hope to up date mine similarly next week!

  3. I have one very similar and I love the makeover.


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