Sharing some Photo's... Garden themed

The flowers are starting to show off their lovely selves around here,
so I thought I would share some photo's from around the yard.

The lovely Iris...
I have several of these flowers in different colors...  they are one of my many
Here I placed them among my enormous sandstone rock that the Mister and I put
in the yard... with the help of a tractor of course... :0)   A fun old spoke wheel,
and some other much smaller sandstone rocks,  and decorations complete this
area near the driveway.

One of my Rose's starting to bloom...

A fun colorful mix of beautiful flowers... 
(thankfully these survived the late frost that we had)

Pink Peonies... 

 My great big old dried up tree trunk, that I love... and have had for a long time,
 and more beautiful iris flowers...

Next up is my garden space...
I decided to add some raised planting beds this year, and with the help of
the Mister we got them done last night using landscape rocks.

I plan to put some herbs in one, and probably some hot peppers in the other for
our homemade salsa.    

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek photo tour of the yard today.
Have a great Wednesday.

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