Friday Favorites.. (5/22/2015)

It is time for Friday Favorites..

-  Water balloons.
      Here we used them as targets to see who could pop them with
      a variety of items.. I am pretty sure our daughter won.
      and of course using them in a game of badminton instead of
      using a traditional birdie was quite entertaining as well. ha, ha. :0)

-  Pool noodles.. finally found some! and was able to repurpose them into
      boot tree's and they look so much better than my rolled up cardboard.

-  Flower beds are done.. ongoing weed pulling here and there of course,
    but they look really good.

-  Roses are starting to bloom.. yay!

- Tackling the master bathroom mirror.. will be sharing more on that
   project soon.

Have a great weekend!

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