Friday Favorites (07/17/15) and I've been featured!

It has been a busy past few weeks with some ups and downs..
Let me first say I am so thankful that my mom is okay, and on the mend.
There was a big health scare.. I won't go into all the details here,
but let's just leave it at this:
God is good.. all the time, and all the time.. God is good!

So if you were wondering where I went the last couple
weeks - it has been a busy time around here.

Friday? Well, this week kind of flew on by didn't it? :0)

So let's just get to the Friday favorites.. shall we?

1). I was featured on: I Heart Organizing  which is a blog
 that I frequently visit, Jen has such great idea's and features some
really neat blogs that I probably would have never found otherwise.
 Well, there I was just skimming through a blog post and there it was!
 My Entryway Shoe Storage Solution..  So excited about that.. such a neat surprise.

2). The garden is doing well despite the way it looks.. :0)  It kind of
got out of hand the last few weeks, but doesn't seem to mind one bit and
it looks like I will be canning soon.

3).  Helping out the Mister.. (okay so in this picture I was sitting..
on a hay bale.. and texting our daughter/checking emails etc... but
 the majority of the time, was totally helping..) :0)

4).  Due to the overwhelming garden produce.. I found a recipe for zucchini
brownies.  Wowzer they were good.. notice I said were, because there is like
one and 1/2 left.   Will be adding this to my go to recipe box.

5).  The pool is finally complete. A lot of work, a lot of sweat, a lot of frozen
popscicles, and quite a suntan later. :0)
However, now that it is done - we have decided that it was totally worth it..
we were questioning that often ya might say during this process..
especially with every shovel of dirt/sand, etc.  Whew!

Have a great weekend!


  1. You've been a busy bee! I am sorry about your mom's health scare...and thankful she's ok! Life deals us some difficult trials but you have the right attitude....God is good ALL the time! The brownies look delish and the pool looks so inviting! Congrats on the feature! Have a wonderful weekend...)

    1. Thank you Vicky.
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.. blessings!


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