Farmhouse Decor Round up

I have been searching pinterest, and various stores looking at farmhouse accent pieces
to add to my home, and I have found soooo many cute options.

I just recently purchased the nesting birdcages shown above, and they are such a fun
addition to my farmhouse/country decor.
(*see details on the birdcages at bottom of the post)

While searching for fun pieces, I thought I would go ahead and put together
a few of the items that I found while looking on Amazon to see what they had to offer.

I was really impressed with all the items that I found.





How cute is that distressed  FarmHouse Sign, and I am debating between that Milk Can
or this one that I found.
The Mason Jar soap dispenser is calling my name, wouldn't that look perfect setting by
the sink?   and galvanized metal accents like the windmill clock definitely would
add to our farmhouse look if I had a place to put it that is. :0)

I have been picking up a few new things here and there,
and we have finally started working on our kitchen back splash project since our weather
has been improving.      (Yay for sunshine and above freezing temps!)

I am so pleased with how the back splash is coming along,
and the new look it gives my kitchen.
Farmhouse Happy. Lol.

Did you see my photo on what I am using as a back splash?
(You can see a sneak peek here.)
(will be sharing more about it when we get finished)

                                                                                                             - TinaH

*The Nesting Birdcages Details:
 They are on clearance and fairly inexpensive for the set of 2, if interested you can find
 them Here .- not an affiliate link and I am not associated with them in any way,
 just sharing a purchase that I personally made and am happy with)

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  1. Hi Tina! I have been slowly tansforming my home into more of the farmhouse style too. I love the neutral colors and the different textures. Your birdcages are really pretty. I love your backsplash you shared on IG! SO pretty! You're like me...we always have a project going! Thanks for visiting my blog a few days ago. I tried to reply but it wouldn't let me because it said you were a no reply blogger. SO weird when it does that. Anywho...thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely evening....Vicky


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