Weekend Fun and My Cute Pumpkin Find

Our daughter came and spent the weekend and we had a lot of fun..
We went out of town one day and of course we had to stop by
one of our favorite craft stores.
The fall section was simply  B E A U T I F U L.

So so pretty!

Before it got very late we went out to eat.. (no picture - ooops)

We also went to several other stores, but there was one in particular
that totally stood out and I seriously could've spent a really LONG time there
and way too much $$$ if ya know what I mean.

The fall items were so stinkin cute!

Such a neat shop.

I was well behaved however, and I purchased one thing.  

Just couldn't resist this adorable wood pumpkin!
The rustic look with the rope trim, and metal accents.
Such a fun and unique piece don't ya think?

After stopping at a couple more stores we headed home,
but had to stop for one of these on the way

Just had to.. Lol.

On another note, I totally blew my low carb/keto meal plan this weekend, 
but plan to get back to it.  Working on cutting out the sugar habit more than anything
and I was doing so well.. :0)  
  Anyone have a good recipe source for low carb/keto?

We also spent some time outdoors over the weekend.
My daughter brought her camera and took some photo's while she was here,
and we all decided to take the 4wheelers out and go for a ride,
we hadn't done that in a while.

We had the best time. (always goes by much too quickly)

Seeing all of the beautiful fall decor and displays everywhere
makes me even more ready for fall.

I have been slowly working on decorating and I have a few things out so far,
but I think my new wooden pumpkin is going to kick start me in getting it done! :0)

How about you, when do you start decorating for fall?

                                                                                                                  - TinaH

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