Organization - Tackling the Catch All Cabinet in the Kitchen

This project has been long overdue, but I finally decided today was the day.

It was time to organize, declutter, deep clean, sort through,
and basically tackle the catch all cabinet that is in the kitchen.

It happens to be the cabinet under the sink.
For some reason things just tend to get put there from time to time and it has
become some sort of a mess in there.

So I started by clearing it out!

Then I used my vacuum to sweep it out and get it good and clean.

I thought it was looking a little dingy, and my shelf liner had certainly seen better days,
so I decided to give it a coat of paint to freshen it up.

I plan to get more shelf liner to cover the bottom for better protection,
but for now this works.

While the paint dried I started going through the pile of stuff and I was able to get rid of a lot
of the items, as well as taking items out of their boxes/bags for organizing.

Then I started placing the items that I was keeping back inside the cabinet.

I used command hooks on the inside of each door.   I use one to hold my scrub brush which I use to clean my yeti's/other coffee tumblers, water bottles, and basically anything that needs a longer reach and that gets hand washed.

On the other door I used one to hold a pair of my gloves.
I simply used a binder clip on the end so I could hang them.

It is not so scary under there anymore.

I am glad I can check this project off of my to do list!

It looks so nice and neat now!

I keep my extra scrub pads, sponges, gloves, and so on in the cleaning caddy,
then I have various cleaning products that I kept.
(However, I am slowly switching over to as much all natural products that I can) 

I keep my floral vases tucked in the back corner as I use them a lot in the spring and summer for
cut flowers, I also have carpet cleaner solutions towards the back that go to my
green carpet machine.
(highly recommend it if you need a good carpet cleaner) 

I really like my door organizer and I think I need to order more of these!
  (They are extremely inexpensive, in fact I think right now they are under $3.00)
It holds extra dish soap as well as my dishwasher tabs/pods and rinse aid for the
dishwasher, I really like having these items in their own easy to get to and grab

I am so happy with how this cabinet has turned out!

What kinds of projects are you tackling in the new year?
I am on a mission to get our house in order so I can spend more time outdoors,
as soon as the weather is nicer that is.. :0)

- TinaH

Items used / Details:

Cabinet Door Organizer:  Found Here
Scrub Wand Brush:  Similar Here
Cleaning Caddy:  Similar Here
Cleaning Gloves:  Similar Here
Command Hooks:  Here or Here 
Favorite Dish Soap: Here
Favorite Hand Soap: Here

(favorite place to buy natural cleaning products / 
and can get free items with first order: check it out here!)

(I also made a quick corresponding vlog/video of this project:)

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