Using Galvanized Containers as Planters and Planting Herbs for my Garden

I have been using galvanized containers and buckets as planters for quite some time so I thought
I would share how I am going to use this one today on the blog.

I really like using galvanized items, from buckets, to tubs, and all sorts of containers because they
do seem to last quite some time, they are pretty and I think they go great with the farmhouse style, they are usually easy on the budget and fairly easy to find them in all sorts
of shapes and sizes.

I am going to use this container today that I picked up at Walmart for under ten dollars, I like the size, the design, and also love that it has handles.

To use this tub as a planter I need it to have drainage, so I simply flipped the container over and used
my drill and added some drainage holes.

Since I am going to be using this planter for herbs, I chose to use some organic potting mix for this
It isn't always easy to find in my area, and I would guess it is especially hard with the demand and all that is going on in the world right now, so I actually ordered mine online.

To give my plants a good start I also used some organic starter fertilizer, I just mixed it into the soil and it was time to plant up my new container.

I chose to use herbs I know we will get some good use out of and I kept the tags in the pot for
quick reference.   I chose chives, cilantro, and sweet basil.

After watering the plants in their new home,  I placed the container in my garden.

I have galvanized containers in several area's of my garden as well as around the yard.
I have planted bell peppers, jalapeño's, flowers, and even pole beans.

Such a pretty budget friendly option to use as a planter, and I also use them indoors as well.
I am always on the lookout to add more to my growing collection. 😉

 - Tina

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