A Simple Heart - Nail design

Simple Heart Nail polish design..

What you need:
- Nail Polish
- Stylus (or toothpicks)

I used: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro: Burgundy Flirt..
Stylus is by Fiskars.
 (which i purchased in the scrapbooking section)
My nails were done in a French Vanilla Shade before starting.

First, place a drop of nail polish onto paper or whatever you have handy..
(make sure it is thick enough it won't soak through onto your surface)
I use the glass lid off of a jar candle.. works great!
Then use your stylus or toothpick to place 3 dots onto your nail and then just fill it in..
A simple heart.  Add a topcoat and admire your work.. :0)

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