Old window redo..

I worked on one of the old windows we bought..
Here is what i did with it.

Just wiped it clean, used painters tape to outline the glass, and gave it a quick coat of white paint..
then added hangers to it and had a neat art piece..  ( we also added a wreath to the center. )
We love how it turned out.

Great way to recycle old windows.

Coffee kind of a day..

Beautiful weather today.. around 80 degree's with a nice breeze.
Opened up the windows and enjoyed the fresh air!

We got so much stuff done around the house.
(was a good thing we started the day with our coffee.. ha!)

I will share more about it tomorrow..

Paint colors..

Choosing paint colors..

This can be a easy thing to do, or can be a hard process..

I say pick the colors you love..
you are the one that has to live with it afterall.  :0)

(and hey if you change your mind, and don't mind painting then it is a easy fix.. paint over it!)

Our colors have all been chosen..  and I have been busy painting!

Here are the colors my daughter decided on..

Too cute!


Picture of Spring..


Love our Lilac's & the butterflies do too!

Jalapeno Rat Tails..

We got this recipe from a family member around Christmas, but finally got around to giving it a try..

Jalapeno Rat Tails..
(quite a name!)

  • Jalapeno's
  • Sausage
  • Cream Cheese
  • Bacon

We used 10 Jalapeno's, 1 lb. package of sausage, 1 pkg. cream cheese, and some bacon.

These are super simple to make..

Cook the sausage (drain if you'd like),  add the cream cheese to it and mix it up.
While the sausage is cooking prepare your jalapeno's for stuffing..  wash them, then cut a slit near top (leave the tops/stems on) and a slit down it.. (a T shape) and clean out the insides (seeds/veins)
which is what makes them hot!
I highly recommend using a spoon or something for cleaning them out.. :0)

Stuff with the sausage/cream cheese mixture, wrap in bacon.. (can use a toothpick to secure)

Then cook over lower heat for around 45 minutes to an hour on your grill.. 
(long enough to cook the bacon and soften the jalapeno)

( However, we used a broil pan and baked them at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes,
 then we lowered the heat to 325 degrees and cooked them for 45 minutes)

Make sure you remove the toothpick..
and don't eat the stem/top part.. :0)

The Results.. Yep, they are really good!

Hello Sunshine..

Hello Sunshine..
So nice to see you today!

We have had a cloudy, rain filled week and I am so glad to see that you returned this afternoon!

Rainy day..

It is a rainy day..
they are saying we could get up to 6 inches of rain..
good day to be indoors.