Freezer Cooking..

Freezer Cooking..

I like to do freezer cooking from time to time to stock up the freezer on ready to heat.. and eat :0)

Last night seemed like a good time to multi task..
So I got my bread machine started making a loaf of bread (homemade bread - yum!),
and decided to do some freezer cooking..
Breakfast Burrito style. :0)

You can make them however you like basically..
they freeze really well, and are a easy breakfast, lunch, snack and so on..

I use 2 pkg's sausage, eggs, shredded cheese, & tortilla shells..
oh, and picante sauce (I forgot to add that in the photo!)

This is how I do it.. I cook the sausage, remove it from the pan.  Then I cook the eggs (scrambled), then mix the sausage back in with the eggs, add the cheese and the picante sauce. When the cheese has melted, remove the pan from heat and add a spoonful (or so) onto a tortilla shell, roll it up and wrap in aluminum foil. 

You could also use ham, add onions, green peppers, Velveeta or whatever you like in your breakfast burritos..

There was enough for supper, and 23 of them wrapped up for the freezer!

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