DIY Scrap Wood Stacked Pumpkin for Fall

I have been adding in fall decor here and there around our home,
and if you follow me then you know how I enjoy a good project!😉

So I decided to DIY a stacked pumpkin design using some of my scrap wood!

So I found the perfect piece of scrap wood and got to work.

I started by drawing out my stacked pumpkin design.

Then using my jigsaw I cut out the design.

After I had the basic design cut out I knew I wanted to add something to it to give it more depth,
so using the leftover pieces from my cutout I cut out some random shapes to add to my pumpkin

Here they are all cut out and placed on the base design..

What a difference a few little scrap pieces of wood made!

The next thing I did was use my sander to sand down all the edges of the cutouts.

Then I took it all inside so I could glue it all together.
I used wood glue to place each piece where I wanted it and set it aside to dry.

After the glue had dried I was able to start painting.
I chose to paint each pumpkin a different color, and I used a very pale gray, orange, and black.

I think I would love another one in more farmhouse colors as well.. pretty grays and white!

After I was done painting, I knew I wanted to distress it somehow and I had
actually planned on sanding down the edges to show the raw wood here and there,
but I ended up choosing to use paint instead.

I chose to use black paint that I mixed in a tiny amount of water to thin it down a little bit.
Using a sponge brush I lightly went over the design along the edges
and in different area's to add some texture and finish the look!
I used gray paint on the bottom portion so it would stand out against the black.

Isn't it the cutest thing?  I absolutely love it!

I added a buffalo check bow to the stem and I think it ties
in so well with my fall decor.  (Y'all know I am a fan of the buffalo check!)

I had intended on putting it outside, but I actually like it indoors as well so we will see.
Such a fun piece and since I had everything on hand it didn't cost me a thing to make
so that is always a nice bonus with any project. 😉

 - Tina

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Buffalo Check Ribbon  //  Wood Glue  //  Jigsaw //  Sander

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