Something new..

 I wash my hands what easily seems like several hundred times a day..   
Well, since I have never actally counted how many times, let's just say many, many times a day.. that is more accurate. :0)

Anyway, this time of year my hands start getting dry from all that washing.. 

So I decided to try a new bar soap..
(Liquid hand soap is great - but I like to always have bar soap available as well)

So looking at bar soap.. so many choices..
This one says it "gently exfoliates", and says it is "with natural oatmeal to soothe dry skin"...

Sounds good to me..

Result:  I do think it is a keeper..
I actually like the scent of it as well.. Not too soapy, if that makes sense.


Do you have a favorite bar soap or handsoap that you recommend?
(*Please know that this company knows nothing about me,  just my own personal opinion on a product that i purchased)

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